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RE:1 Canon REmake Ending & Intro Edit

In this post, I'll share two edits I made using the Intro and Outro video files of the PC Resident Evil HD Remastered and Adobe Premiere.

1. Audio Tweak for Barry's Magnum in the Intro.

Did you ever notice that in the Remake intro for Resident Evil that Barry's Magnum sounds like a Beretta? In this video, I had a little fun replacing those sounds with the magnum sounds you hear in the game plus adding a few extra near the end.

Skip to 2:50 to get right to the action!

2. Canon Ending for Resident Evil

This video is an edit that I put together showing that Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton, and Rebecca Chambers all made it onto the helicopter in the ending sequence for Resident Evil.

For many years there have been various games releases exploring the events around the first game, but there was always one thing that I wished I had gotten out of it, which was the canon ending. That sequence never made it into any of the iterations, so I decided to cut together my own version.

It's not perfect, but it was great to bring the scene to life and I'm sure many fans from the Resident Evil community will appreciate this.

Hope you enjoy!
Sleeping in the very first shot after the explosion.

It is a quick shot, but it is the same full duration that you see if you were to beat the best ending of Chris’s game. I wish it was a slightly longer shot to take in.
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