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General Can we list things Capcom has been copying?

Well to start things off RE7 and RE8 have been the most blatant when it comes to copying horror tropes. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Evil Dead, and now Van Helsing? Village also has a boss straight out of a Souls game. RE has always drawn inspiration from other horror franchises but it has become ridiculous lately.

RE2 also copied Terminator, Alien, The Fly, and The Thing but those themes were even more apparent in RE:2. One of the worst changes was the G larva bursting out of a chest like in Alien.. like cmon guys really? Itā€™s one reason why the original is still my favorite game in the franchise because it copies my favorite movies while still maintaining a feeling of originality.

I will give them a high five though for turning Nemesis into a dog, a giant turd, and then the Alien Queen. That was hilarious! šŸ˜
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Caffeine Addict

I think RE8 is mostly a cut and paste job of RE4 as a whole. The fight at the beginning feels very much the same, because they back off in a similar manner. As does many other aspects of your adventure feel like a repeat.
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