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General Biohazard & Alignments

Inspired by @Yoke , what D&D alignments would the various characters be in if we were to categorize them?

Personally, I consider Chris and Claire to be Neutral Good, as they both have a track record of shirking rules to do what they think is right regardless of consequences. But also for the most part obey laws.

Leon I view as Lawful Good, since he tends to follow the rules and laws 98% of the time and doesn't have as much of a history of rule-breaking as Chris does. Same with Piers and maybe Jill.

Ada, I think, is Chaotic Neutral as she doesn't follow really any kind of laws and affiliation with anybody and has been doing everything for her own goals this entire time. Plus, only a Chaotic Neutral character would view and want having international warrants on them as fun.

Carla would definitely count as Chaotic Evil, while Simmons is definitely a Lawful Evil.


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Nice! What I like (and hate lol) about these type of discussions for a long running series is how sometimes a character can bleed into another category.

Now I'm not sure about Ada. If she was doing all of this for herself I would agree but she still answers to somebody and also follows rules. Even when she back stabs someone. It's usually because she's ordered to.

Off the top of my head. This is how I view most of the characters in the series...

Lawful Good- Leon and Krauser (Pre-Operation Javier)

Neutral Good- Chris, Jill, Barry, Rebecca, Claire, Billy, Sheva and Josh.

Chaotic Good- Billy, Ada, Carlos, Steve and Jake.

Lawful Neutral- HUNK.

Lawful Evil- Albert, Marcus, William, Alexia, Saddler, Chris (while hunting Ada), Krauser (Post-Operation Javier), Sergei, Spencer, Excella, Javier, Alex, Simmons and Eveline.

Neutral Evil- Nicholai and Irving.

Chaotic Evil- Carla, Queen Leech Marcus and Javier (while trying to get Manuela back).
The Bakers are difficult to classify due to their fragmented minds. Jack and Marguerite are highly prone to emotional outbursts where they will inflict pain on themselves and others, but their actions are otherwise motivated by a desire to protect and maintain their family. They are lawful evil with chaotic episodes.

Lucas Baker's actions are both motivated by personal gain and the desire to inflict pain on others. He has no creed other than self preservation and entertainment at the expense of others. He is mostly chaotic, but not without some neutral tendencies.

Brian Irons is initialy neutral evil, but following the outbreak becomes chaotic.
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