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General Arklay (Dave)


Every so often I give this a watch and every time it nails the unique vibe and atmosphere that '96 had, which nothing has replicated since imo (not even Rebirth, however that had it's own amazing style).
Overall, the purpose of this was to show the tone, its attention to character, and the slow build of the massive conspiracy.

There was a document the detective locates that connects to the universe raising questions about internal conflicts with key figures from Raccoon City’s government, the forthcoming “Bright 21” project, and its police department. Dave was part of that problem to the world, and deliberately hid it from his brother, which is what makes Reinhardt’s story so personal. We had two edits, one of which had that letter and the other was without, if I had to go the original route, which what you're seeing now is the latter.

I’m still adamant about it becoming something as it’s more relevant than ever with things like DNA manipulation and such.

In conjunction to this teaser, continue this mystery with the online game at www.grimrasputinisdead.com
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That Dave pitch for a Resident Evil live action series was a cool take on a RE universe tie-in... i hope future RE live action projects, regardless if it turns out to be a Netflix series or a theatric movle release take a similar approach of being more times into the conspiracy part with an investigative tone and less of that action fest from the Paul Anderson saga.
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Captain Redfield

The man who killed Albert Wesker
I remember posting about this at old Biohaze where you could spot some references such as MO Disk and that officer's name being Branagh... This never seeing the light of day still feels like a punch in the gut.
This really gives you that pre-Mansion Incident vibe and it overall looked like a well produced series.
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