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General Are remakes the new normal?

I understand people being turned off by remakes. I myself don’t mind them. There are plenty of people who didn’t play games that released in years past and it’s a chance to bring in a new audience. It’s also a safe bet for studios most of the time. Can’t argue that from their stand point fiscally. With RE4 being so readily available, I can see the argument for it not being needed. Personally, I am hoping for a more grounded game with modern controls. I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but for me it hasn’t aged well. As for something like TLOU, I echo Yama’s sentiments above and can’t wait. All in all, I can understand people growing tired of remakes though. As long as there’s a healthy balance of new and old, I’m all for it.
It’s strange people who love RE4 but hate on RE5 despite the lack of horror, it’s like most gamers don’t remember how militaristic the game becomes in the latter half. I remember all the criticism that RE5 and RE6 ‘took themselves too seriously’ but now fast forward to RE Engine games and they are also serious games, yet they are not met with the same criticisms. Even OG games of RE2 and RE3 were more serious in tone compared to RE1 back then, so I really don’t understand where these criticisms came from.

This is why it’s impossible to please everyone and they should focus on having a vision instead to catering to fans who have no idea what they want from this franchise. They should also keep their products in house instead of westernizing everything but that’s my opinion.
I enjoy re5's and re6's tones to re4's personally. Re4 especially has one of the worst localizations in the series imo. Og japanese script for the game is more serious too so with the entries released after the game, they made it more similar to og japanese script, including separate ways.
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