Anyone Else Still Play RE6?


Recreating this thread from old biohaze. I've been playing nothing but re6 these days. I used to marathon the series while playing most games along with watching / reading other canon material in the past but ı stopped doing that cause ı've already got a good grasp for the canon storyline.

The game is so much fun and addicting to play imo to the point where ı've spent thousands of hours on the game. Still increasing those hours to this day.


I truly do love the game engine, it's fun. What I can't get behind is much of the scenarios, it's bloated and most of it isn't good. Sure the 20 chapters at first sounded beefy, but I'd have preferred the game over a long period of time more had it been 5-8. Comparatively RE5 is a much more fun game to jump back into with a co-op partner.
Personally ı prefer re6 over re4 and re5. I think it's improved from those games in many ways, both from gameplay and story perspective. Not to mention ı think it handles multiple scenarios better than re4 and re5 do with separate ways and jill's dlcs. Having no tank controls also helps, ı didnt like that decision for re4 and re5.

As for coop; ı mostly played the game by myself rather than online. It's been a while since ı played the campaigns coop but at online, the game can be pretty laggy apparently. I saw some footage online and some parts are pretty laggy like haos chase.

It seems to be designed around singleplayer more than online compared to re5 which seems to be designed around online more than singleplayer. Especially their combat systems. Both are good in their own ways but ı prefer re6's.
Well, I think RE6 actually presents itself as being a RE game better too. After all, it is about a viral outbreak across various cities, while 4 and 5 are strangely executed action games, mostly taken place in villages and temples, and they don't even feel like your typical RE games. They obviously have Wesker, but besides that, there's just references in the games so it sort of feels a bit connected, but it does not really feel like it's a proper continuation at all.

So RE6 should be up there with the likes of RE2, but it just isn't. They did try to make something unique, anyway.
Well; if you think about it, none of the mainline entries are direct sequel to previous ones storywise. Plus they are all self-contained.

Re2 isnt that much of a sequel to re1 plus the new main characters.

Re3 is more of a sequel to re1 than it is to re2.

Recv is more of a sequel to re1, re2 than it is to re3.

Re4 is more on its own. Sure it answers leon's epilogue but storywise it's more on its own.

Re5 is more of a sequel to re1, re3, recv, umbrella chronicles than it is to re4.

Re6 is more of a sequel to re2, re3, recv, darkside chronicles than it is to re5.

Re7 is more on its own again.

I hope re8 will be more of a sequel to past titles ( Like re6. ) than it is to re7. I know that ı saw the leaks but it's possible they could be false.
They'll probably reference a few things, like they usually do. But besides that, I don't see this upcoming entry really being much of a sequel. Even going from the last one, which was 7, it's very hard to understand what is going on from the little footage we have seen in the promotional content.

The lead lady vampire type enemy probably won't appear until 50 to 120 minutes in, as they didn't reveal Saddler right away either.
Did you enjoy the story at least caffeine addict?

I think the story is good cause characters are likeable, campaigns connect to each other ( unlike re2 2019 ) , good character development, underrated villains, nice backstory within the files etc. It even has a manga dedicated to it.

Here's a long movie version.
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