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RE4 Ada's Organization in RE4

I just played RE4 all the way through again recently, including Separate Ways, and despite hearing different viewpoints on this based on various sources I'm still not clear as to whether or not "The Organization" Ada refers to is the Rival Company to Umbrella or a completely separate employer. Can anyone shed any light on this?
It's the rival company. The Perfect Capture Guide has a resume for Albert Wesker which confirms he joined the 3rd Organisation directly after the mansion incident in 1998. Ada is also identified as working for this group during the events of RE2 and RE4. The rulers of the rival company at that time saw Wesker as a major threat, describing him as a 'uncontrollable spark that could burn the organisation from within.' They used Ada to play off against Wesker, but Wesker knew it was all a ploy and suspected Ada was going to betray him, though I think he hoped his intuition about her would be wrong. The rulers wanted Ada to send the Dominant Plaga to them, rather than Wesker, which she eventually did. It seems that choice at the time took her one step closer to her own personal objective.
Thanks for clarifying that. That's what I had assumed based on what she said in Report #5. Their suspicions were correct when it came time for Wesker to seek out Spencer.

It seems that choice at the time took her one step closer to her own personal objective.

Which, to this day 13 years later, we still haven't gained any ground on storywise...and probably won't, which is irritating.
@Sonny Bauer I agree, but you never know. RE7 finally brought back the Rival Org, after all.

The whole presentation of the RE4 backstory makes it seem much more complicated than it really is. The Rival Org was the only outside group (aside from the US sending Leon and Mike). It was going through a power struggle between the RO leadership (who Ada really worked for) and Wesker (who Krauser worked for). The RO leaders feared Wesker's ambitious nature and rogue behavior, and Wesker's side was planning to use the RO and perhaps Tricell ("S") to create Blue Umbrella. Weskers side won despite Ada's betrayal.
So, you’re saying that she was making this report because she was recording the information to then pass it on to what would be her next employer?
Okay, so with that in mind, here’s my next question.

Did she send the Dominant Plaga to the Rival Company or did she double-cross them and send it to who’s she truly loyal to? We know she sent Wesker the subordinate Plaga, so that leaves those two options.
She sent the dominant Plaga to the rival company's top brass. As I recall the BIO6 Graphical Guide says she was formerly with the rival company, so she left sometime between 4-6.
Understood, which makes me wonder if she even gave “another subordinate Plaga” to who she’s truly loyal to or if she only had one of each, one dominant to Rival Company, one subordinate to Wesker and that was that.
During BIO4's development, Ada was loyal to an underground Chinese arms dealing organization. Since it was a background setting it can change at any time, but you get the idea. Her organization's motives don't appear to be to take over the B.O.W. market like Umbrella and the rival company, but other people acquiring such things serves her true purpose in any case, though we don't know how. Even Wesker's attempted mass extinction was apparently a chess piece to her true purpose.
Interesting, that’s news to me. That really paints her in a villainess type of light. It’s strange though, her attitude RE4 and her epilogue in RE3 seem to suggest the opposite of having evil objectives.

She seems like she was going to wipe away Ada after the Raccoon City Incident and knowing that Simmons blew up the city causes her to leave his employ.

Yes, she does rejoin the Rival Company and Wesker again after those events and keeps her name, but you can just tell from every interaction she has with a character in Separate Ways that she seems conflicted with what she is doing.

Seems a little messy to me, I agree with a lot of views that Capcom can’t seem to decide what to do with her. Different writers of course, so there’s that.
She's always been more of an anti-hero. She is not "evil" but is morally all over the place when it suits her and her organization.
Yeah, I suppose. If that’s the case I don’t know why she’s portrayed in Separate Ways like she’s struggling with her moral compass constantly. It’s strange.
With Ada, I get the impression she is working for some "greater good", with her rationalizing her involvment away as a nessesary evil. She acts bothered at the loss of innocent life, and in RE6 even goes out of her way to save civilians. She also regrets having to retrieve the G-Virus in Death's Door.

Her sometimes cruel and uncaring attitude is a front, as seen in her RE3 epilogue. So while her actions are sometimes malevolent, it seems pretty clear her intentions are not.

That being said, I'm not sure CAPCOM have actually figured out what her ultimate goal really is, considering the weird direction they considering taking her in RE6. Hopefully they figure it out at some point. For all we know, her true organisation could be the Connections, or the Chinese Shen Yai.
I agree whole-heartedly. I believe Ada was changed by her experiences in Raccoon City and is now working dangerously close to her enemies while attempting to achieve an outcome for the greater good.

I was hoping her true employer was going to be linked into Lanshiang in RE6 since we actually made it to China in that game and she had her whole campaign. It was a perfect opportunity and wasted at that. It would have been a nice tie-in had been Shen Ya Pharmaceutical. Maybe Shen Ya would turn out not to be an evil corporation after all. Who knows? This is just speculation on my part.
It actually didn't occur to me Raccoon actually changed her goals. I always thought it simply broke her facade for a moment. Either way seems possible.

That Shen Yai agent in Heavenly Island (the version I read called her "Julie", but apparantly that's false) was another female master spy adept at infiltration, depception, and combat (even beating Claire). But she was also completely insane, and I doubt they would hire someone like that if they were good. They also sponsor BU's illegal activities.

Although this doesn't rule them out, as even Ada's true organisation could be a pawn in her true plan. She could be trying to take them down from the inside, or trying to help a family member whose safety is being held hostage.
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