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RE6 About Carla.


So this recently came into my mind and ı've been thinking about sharing this. Do you think carla could be alive somehow? I know ada blew up the nitrogen tanks to freeze her but couldnt she melt those ice somehow while creating a perfect replica of herself as well as absorb the white paste into her body? It wouldnt be out of place. I mean simmons managed to turn back to his human form multiple times so who's to say carla cant turn back to her clone self, especially when considering that she injected herself with enhanced c-virus just like how simmons got infected with one?
I feel like I should play the game again to refresh my memories, but judging by your text, this possibility is quite real.

Although I don't think the developers will bring back Carla, since they didn't bring back Lisa Trevor and even those antagonists who didn't die at all.


Lisa definitely died since she was pinned down by a chandelier before the mansion exploded. And ı doubt she could escape from that place as well as raccoon before the city got destroyed.

As for carla; ı feel like she would still be alive. Simmons took so much punishment before dying that ı dont buy it carla would simply die from ada's attack. I think ada temporarily disabled her.

Imagine if she somehow survived and escaped. And every time " ada " showed up, we would be wondering if it was actually her or not. They could use her to play mind tricks with leon.

Another thing is we hear her voice talking to chris and piers in chapter 5. I dont think that's a recording, that could be actually her talking to them.
Lisa definitely died since she was pinned down by a chandelier before the mansion exploded. And ı doubt she could escape from that place as well as raccoon before the city got destroyed.

Lisa Trevor was infected with the Progenitor strain, and this virus stops telomere shortening. She's basically an immortal life form whose cells don't have the Hayflick limit.

If there is even a tissue sample left from Lisa after the explosion, which is highly likely, she will be able to restore herself theoretically, after which she will have enough time to go very far. And poor Trevor will have to suffer for many more years.


I changed my mind. You're right. I also checked some of the replies in pu's discord server and they also say that she could be alive somehow. ( Btw are you tulpa in discord? Did you start using a new account? )

But anyways; lets keep this thread about carla.


Another thing ı wonder. What if she injected enhanced c-virus onto herself earlier? Her death affected her mutation since she got revived. I feel like her abilities would be enhanced and her mutation might have been different. I think her appearance wouldnt change but she would get even extra powers as well as resistance to damage. She could have been the ultimate queen cms due to this. She might be able to survive the chaos haos might cause while c-virus monsters see her as a mother. Another thing is; the enhanced c-virus strain that piers used on himself was planned to be used on her greatest creation. So basically carla was planning to spend time with her simmons clone in the new world she would create while her children would cause chaos and the actual simmons would mutate infinitely.

Carla's mutation reminds me of eveline in re7. This is not a coincidence.

Let me drop these statements made from translated files in project umbrella. ( I have access to the archived version of the site where the files up to re6 are translated. The site is getting a re:digest upgrade btw. )

" Neo Umbrella studied microbes and bacteria able to function in the high-temperature environment, then drew that characteristic into the C-Virus in an attempt to create B.O.W.s also able to survive under severe environments. "

" In addition, by combining animal genes with the C-Virus, Simmons noticed that the mutant species it created reflected the characteristics of these creatures, and so incorporated many genes into the C-Virus, including reptiles and mammals, and considered using the Complete Mutation Species as weapons. "

By taking both of these statements into account; one can say that carla added many things into enhanced c-virus strains as well. Especially simmons'. Since he mutates into many different things. I guess she added bacterium into the strain she used on herself. I dont think she added anything extra to the strain piers used on himself which reminds me of morpheus' mutation in dead aim. That one was vanilla.

I decided to mention this cause re7 isnt the 1st re game that features bacterium. It was featured in re6 too.

I also liked that carla called her organization " neo-umbrella " since that way it can be a better rivalry to the family due to the fact that us government made dealings with umbrella. Plus it has nothing to do with original company unlike wesker's umbrella. So that's why ı find it more creative than wesker's umbrella / blue umbrella.

I find the game really deep in many aspects.
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I don't. I enjoyed her a lot but she was a wasted opportunity honestly. I wish she wasn't dead.
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