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RE6 A RE6 Review Analyzed



So here's a re6 review that ı watched out of curiosity yesterday. I was wondering how it was like not to mention ı saw this person's re videos being shared on a place that ı was in.

But anyway; it's actually not bad imo. I think it's ok. Though ı still dont agree with a lot of it and some statements are repeated and somewhat ruin the video in some ways.

One bit that really bothers me for example is him repeating " call of duty " when it comes to re6. Capcom appealing to call of duty fans with re6 and chris' campaign being " cod " somehow.

Here are the sources that are shared in the description of the video.

Before creating this thread and posting my long essay to it as a reply as a disagreement, ı want to drop this article:

Most important note:

" The dream [for Operation Raccoon City] would be that the millions of Call of Duty fans that are enjoying these fast-paced online games are attracted to this Resident Evil. "

The article speaks about reorc which was the game that was attracted to cod fans, not re6. I cant believe these re6 critic wannabes still repeat these same generic statements for the game all the time. They surely dont get tired by this.
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Here's my essay, explaining why ı disagree:

" Combat doesnt work well with levels in campaigns while working against it. " ( This is repeated multiple times. )

But it works well. Just cause it has plenty of setpieces and qtes doesnt mean there arent plenty of combat sections. I played the game a lot and ı've been quite good at performing stuns as well as counter attacks.

I feel that the combat works well within the campaigns. If anything; re4 and re5 are the ones that feel more designed around mercenaries than their main stories. Especially since you fight enemies there that are exclusive to those modes along with weapons that can only be used in that mode.

" The game doesnt explain the combat well. " ( This is also repeated multiple times. )

I agree that prelude level could have been better however ı still never had any issues adapting to the game. I started playing it on easiest difficulty and have been finding myself adapting to the game fine as ı continued playing. Even if every mechanic, including all counter attacks, were explained; would you really be able to perform them instantly for the 1st try? I dont think so. Those mechanics add to replay value if anything.

" The horror is pretty much all but non-existent. "

Not for me. It was the 1st re game that ı played and the game overall felt very threatening to me. I remember staying on easiest difficulty for a while due to this.

" The game has pacing issues, something the series has frequently excelled at. " ( This is repeated multiple times. )

Idk ı think it's paced well. I felt the action, qtes and setpieces were very satisfying to go through for the most time. Plus the controls are great and it really felt smooth and responsive, much more than re4 which is really dated.

" Cutting down portion of the game... " ( This is repeated multiple times. )

That's actually what they've been doing with re engine games. More reasons why ı find the new direction really lacking really.

" Re6 logo joke inserted "

Never understood that joke. To me it felt like a 6 made from spider webs. It's supposed to represent the campaign connection aspect of the game which is executed very well. They screwed up this aspect in re2 2019 greatly and there its flaws are downplayed while re6's " flaws " are exaggerated over and over.

" Dramatic horror whatever that means. "

To me it felt like a new direction for the mainline numbered entries after re5. Re6 is pretty much the only main numbered re title that has a " x horror " statement for it other than " survival horror " . It feels fresh and new. But anyway, " dramatic " word to me feels like the story here feels more important, rich and cinematic than ever before which shows in re6. It's really satisfying to go through and still is to this day. I'm getting immense enjoyment from it, more than any other entry.

" Eiichiro sasaki directing is odd due to how weird outbreak games were. "

Really? I found outbreak games as some of the best evolutions the series has ever done. Outbreak file 2 especially is one of the best spinoffs in the franchise and greatly improves from the 1st game.

" Targeting various audiences, from old school fans to new players... "

Isnt that done before? Why is it so surprising for re6? I dont really see the problem here.

" Appealing to call of duty audience... " ( This is repeated multiple times. )

The sources posted in the description dont provide evidence. Quote:

" I can't really speak for Resident Evil 6... " The others dont mention call of duty either. I dont see how re6 is similar to call of duty in any way. It has a complex combat system rather than being a simple fps. If anything; from mainline entries, re7 and revillage feel more similar to call of duty, especially their sections dedicated to chris. But anyway; call of duty wasnt even said for re6, it was said for reorc.

" Re4 and re5 are designed well with their combat systems. "

I dont think re4 is designed well. It feels ridiculously dated and annoying. You cant move and shoot or freely dodge like in re3 and dead aim unless you perform a qte. Its mechanics also feel lacking to outbreak games. Re5 improves it a lot but to get the full from it better, you need to rely on online coop. It's hard to perform powerful finishers alone with aı partner on a constant basis if not downright impossible.

" Re4 is a gold standard how to pace a game. "

Not to me. I dont even consider it a good game these days. It's ok at best.

" Campaign connection sections are repeated and some are same. "

I dont see the problem here. You also repeat a lot of unlocking same areas and going through the same sections in previous re games, sometimes depending to execution, it doesnt even make sense. Like how it can be annoying in re1, re2, recv and remake. Repeated sections is a staple of the series. Plus a lot of them feature backtracking a lot too. At least re6 doesnt have plenty of backtracking for its fast action packed nature, you overall go through areas fast for the most part and repetition doesnt feel like an annoyance or hurts the game. If anything; it feels more satisfying due to campaigns connecting to each other, more so than re2 which re6 improves from it.

" Enemies that wont die and drag too long. "

And if they died quickly; wouldnt that be anti-climactic? It wouldnt make sense while being quite contradictory for the game's " dramatic horror " statement. C-virus is even designed very carefully for it. It's a combo of g-virus and special t-veronica strain called t-02. It makes sense that the monsters wouldnt go that fast while being more durable compared to previously encountered monsters.

" Chris is call of duty. " ( This is repeated multiple times. )

No it's not. You dont even give a source and expect people to believe it. ( Which people do for some reason. )

" I couldnt get a coop footage of it. "

Then why do you mention it?

" If it aint long, it's wrong. "

I dont get that statement. Where was it said? Dont most people prefer the games to be short and criticise re6 for being " too long " ? I believe that's a sarcastic comment meant to bully the game? I dont mind short or long games; ı'm fine with both depending to execution. And ı think re6 is executed well, much better than re4 will ever be imo.

" Campaign varies between people. "

For me my favourite is ada's. Her campaign explains important plot points and the revealed plot twists feel satisfying to learn. Her campaign feels massively improved from re4 separate ways and does ada justice unlike re4.

" The way telling its plot is flawed. "

I disagree, ı think re6 has the best story in the series along with best storytelling. The campaign connection sections along with repetition makes it very satisfying to go through.

" The game is relied on files and it's pretty easy to miss them. "

Just like other re games? I dont understand this, do you want all emblems' locations to be told to you? I personally like the way files are obtained here, they are saved to your collection so that you can read them back. ( Though relying on project umbrella is still the better option for relying on files due to translations. )

" Looking up to re wiki "

Why not project umbrella though? Again files are translated there. Project umbrella is more polished than re wiki which is a mess imo.

" You need re net to know the extra portion. "

I admit, ı think the portions exclusive to re net could have been included in the game, especially after the game is updated with it but ı still dont have much issue. The site is free and you dont need to pay extra money to learn extra files at least. ( Cough cough revillage paid dlc file cough cough )

" The plot is barebones. "

I disagree, ı find it very rich for the previously explained reasons. Plus the voice acting and character dialogue are really strong to this day. Best one in the series.

" Helena doesnt explain things to leon while padding the plot. She could have explained her issues to leon immediately. "

Cause she was suffering from shock due to being forced to help simmons. She couldnt explain things immediately at leon and she didnt have any evidence with her. She thought leon didnt believe her due to simmons' reputation being good to public and his secrets not being known to many. She had no choice but to lie. Thank god ada arrived there. Without her; leon might not believe helena since she confirmed her statements.

" China drags. "

I didnt find it that way. I found it valuable. I honestly would have preferred if they spent more time there but ı'm still fine with what ı have really.

" With ada, leon's logic drops down. "

That's one way of doing a disservice to leon's character. His relationship with ada is one of the most heartwarming aspects of the series' storyline.

" Benford was going to talk about raccoon city. "

He was going to talk about government's dealings with umbrella as well as secrets related to it.

" Nuking of raccoon. "

It's not a nuke, that's a misconception. The bomb wasnt nuclear, it was thermobaric missile.

" The plot disappeared after this game. "

Unfortunately this is true. They reference the game rarely a bit with re7 and revillage but that's really it. I dont think the series is going to follow from re6's loose ends that much unfortunately. It's due to shotaro suga passing away really which is really sad and tragic.

" Simmons is responsible for c-virus. "

It's actually carla that's responsible for it since she created that. Simmons only caused infection in tall oaks while carla caused infection in edonia and china.

" Simmons' battles drag on. "

I never felt that. It felt satisfying to fight him. If anything, after replays; ı wished they were even longer.

" From tiger to t-rex to fly... "

You making it sound like you fight all of those mutations in the same chapter. In chapter 4, you only fight tiger and centaur forms. In chapter 5, you fight t-rex, centaur and fly forms however it's divided between chapter parts; you dont fight all of them in same chapter part. Besides, you fight his mutations at the end. I personally find his mutations very satisfying to fight. They are amazing and very emotional.

" I couldnt find anything concrete about it. "

If you couldnt; then why do you mention it? It feels wrong info.

" Resident evil would course correct and get back on its feet to its roots. "

Not for me. It felt like the series has gone downhill after re6 which felt peak re. I dont care about sales and reviews that much either; ı can form my own opinions by myself.

" Plenty of setpieces and qtes. "

And what's wrong about it? There's still plenty of combat encounters. I like qtes and setpieces in re6 overall, they feel very satisfying to go through and perform.

" Chris' story setup is weak. "

I disagree.

" We jump around a bit time here. "

Only once for chapter 2. It's not as annoying as rerev.

" Chris shouldnt have been thrown back into the field without healing. "

Chris came back into the field cause he was the captain of the team in edonia which was under his command. If he wasnt brought back, it would have been a disservice to him. Piers did the right thing. Besides he was taken to hospital according to files, some of his injuries could have been healed there, especially considering how he performs well in the field during china.

" More simple setup for chris' story. "

I dont think so. This is the best setup that's given to him.

" He and jill retired. "

Why would they retire? Bioterrorism didnt end just cause wesker died.

" Jill or sheva could have come and snap him out of it. "

I admit ı would have liked to see jill too but ı dont think that's possible due to the events of re5. She wasnt handled well in it. As for sheva, ı dont think she would have liked to leave africa since she works there. Though instead of sheva, ı would have liked to see merah as jill's partner, especially if re5's and marhawa desire's events were changed.

" The game gets over amnesia quick. "

I disagree. You spend 3 chapters dedicated to it. 1st one is while chris is under its effects, 2nd one is meant to explain it while 3rd one is while chris is blinded by revenge. I thought his storyline was executed well just like others.

" Brief mentions of claire along with note mentions, that's all heard from claire. "

Yeah ı wished claire was in re6 too. I would have loved it, especially if she was voiced by alyson court who voiced her in reorc last time. I would put her in tall oaks with ricky as her partner and make her go to china too with ricky.

" Chris chapter 3 "

So not gonna mention the weak docks section? Or the annoying chopper? It's the worst boss fight in re6 and ı dont like the 2nd chopper that much. I like the 1st one a lot though. In jake's campaign, there's even a special way to finish it.

" Jake and sherry's campaign along with ustanak "

I'm glad it's your favourite. I love it a lot too. I personally would have preferred ustanak to be utilized more properly in chapter 2 as well as appear in chapter 3 instead of tank but other than that; ı dont have much complaints.

" Jake chapter 2 "

I personally like the snow section. It's very atmospheric as well as an interesting location to go through. I like stealth sections too though ı wished ustanak was battled more properly.

" Jake and sherry getting captured... "

Yeah ı have to agree. For the 2nd time; ı thinkk they should have been captured by ustanak instead of j'avos.

" Redfield bloodline jokes... "

What's with these jokes? They arent funny while being obnoxious. They ruin your review.

" Jake and sherry coming back... "

I dont think that's gonna happen.

" Ada is the weakest. "

I disagree, ı found her campaign strongest. Her is solo while feeling very unique. I loved going through the same areas too. It actually feels very satisfying and clever to go through.

" It crosses over for the most time and repeat sections. "

That's actually what makes it much more satisfying. Especially due to the fact that campaigns connect to each other.

" Simmons' obsession with ada "

I found simmons' obsession with ada quite creepy and scary. Especially since re6 was the 1st re game that ı played. Not to mention it's very creepy to fight failed ada clones when playing as leon or ada if you think about it. Especially the latter.

" C-virus "

So not gonna mention c-virus development that much? As well as the fact that it's a combo of g-virus and special t-veronica strain called t-02. I guess not playing darkside chronicles is the cause of this.

" Submarine "

This location is mentioned in leon's 1st chapter. It's seen on a tv.

" Crawling sections with ada "

You can roll faster if you aim and move sideways. You can roll this way without spending stamina.

" Being able to skip campaign intersection sections that are repeated. "

You can skip sections in re6 though. The game gives you the option, especially updated ports.

" Ada's campaign is a terrible way to end her campaign. "

I disagree, ı found her ending very satisfying and emotional. I admit chopper part gameplaywise is weaker than other vehicle sections but it still doesnt bother me that much.

" It's messy. "

That's very rude and disrespectful to the amount of effort put into the game.

" Mercenaries. "

I think you could have talked more about it in a more detailed way, especially if you love it so much. You dont talk about other extra game modes either, including agent hunt which is free.

" The game is swept away and overall ignored storywise. "

Unfortunately this is true. Suga's death has done a big damage to storyline really. I find re engine quite lacking.

But anyway; that's my essay. If you need to add more, feel free to reply.


I hate COD. If RE6 was like COD, I wouldn't have enjoyed it.

RE6 is a lot more similar to Gears. Especially Chris's campaign.

And I looooove Gears.
I dont think it's similar to gears of war either. At best, it's similar to vanquish and even then it's still nothing like it. There isnt really a game like re6 on the market. It's one of a kind just like outbreak games really.


So ı need to add another thing to this. Looking back, it seems that ı forgot to mention the family. It's described as " illuminati " in the video from what ı remember watching.

That's yet another giant misconception. It's not illuminati since not only that's fake conspiracy theory but ı also dont see why capcom would add that. The family dont even control the country or the world. They just manipulate.

They are just a secret organization who keep us on top of the pyramid of power and use that to stay rich while maintaining order and staying hidden.

Treating the family simply as a secret manipulating organization hidden in us rather than illuminati would be more fitting. I dont understand why people think it's illuminati.

This is the file.
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