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RE:3 A new RE3 trailer released



Definitely looking forward to this way more than I was RE2R.

Love RE2 and was eager to play it but my hype was far more in Devil May Cry 5 at the time. (Still my 2019 GOTY)

I enjoyed RE2R a lot and had fun with it but it didn't get extensive replay from me.

RE3R though i am massively hyped for and see myself replaying quite a lot.

RE3 was always one of my all-time fav in the series. Nemesis is simply the best enemy the series has ever had. And the very concept of him even back in the ps1 days was everything I ever wanted in a Horror Game.

So to finally have him in modern tech and graphics where they can truly make you shit yoursepf against him like no other?

I am hyped as ****.

(Also looking forward to Resistance quite a bit too)
Not convinced by Nemesis flamethrower tbh. Hunter needs to have more gross buboes? The rest looks okay so far, just lacking the kind of fun corny accents.
Hopefully they have the hunters that look like frogs, the drain demos, and I wouldn’t mind lickers having a small cameo at some point.
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