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    The Tomb Raider Franchise Marks 25 Years

    I only liked the ones from the first original to Angel Of Darkness for the PlayStation. The reboot trilogy I never gave it a chance.
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    The Tomb Raider Franchise Marks 25 Years

    I just looked it up and it's already happened, but Tomb Raider, on November 8, 2021 marks 25 years since the first release in 1996 in the USA. Personally, I miss those old days back when games were fun to play, and even now in 2021, memorable. I first played the first Tomb Raider game at my...
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    Resident Evil Confessions

    Many years ago, back in the early Resident Evil years (1 Director's Cut - Survivor), I would panic over the giant web spinner spiders, because they scare me. I would play the game with my arms blocking the view of the TV. I'm better now with the giant spiders, as long as they're not too close...
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    Name Things You Love About Resident Evil

    I like the Director's Cut mansion. If I win a big enough lottery, I promise to have it built where I live and I will make it my man's castle.
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    Name five things you currently hate about Resident Evil...

    Having to adjust the camera while controlling your game character. I liked it when the camera would either be still or move with your actions (like RE4, 5). Let's face it, I'm 39 and video games are just not as appealing to me anymore like it used to. I'd be happy if Resident Evil was movies...
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    RE movie trailer. Thoughts?

    I'm actually looking forward to it next month. I think this the kind of movie Resident Evil should of been 20 years ago. I agree that some actors don't look like their gaming counterparts but take the good with the bad.
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    KMFDM, Fear Factory, Gravity Kills, Rob Zombie, the soundtrack from the Conan movies and Ninja Turtles NES, SNES soundtracks.
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    Happy Birthday!

    Thanks and it was a happy birthday yesterday. I slept in, had 4 beers (to the point I was dizzy), looked up Resident Evil and MGTOW, watched Indiana Jones with my dad and so much stuff. Last Monday, my mom and younger sister came out, went to Red Lobster for endless shrimp Monday, then she...
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    Resident Evil 9 Rumor Teases Jill Valentine Return

    When they do Resident Evil 9, I hope it takes place in a scary mansion, just like the first.
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    Welcome to Raccoon City First Look

    Originally, this movie was supposed to be released on September 3, which would of been great, because my birthday is this upcoming Saturday, the 4th. I was going to spend my birthday at the movies watching this, but nooooooo, they needed to release this around Thanksgiving.
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    Infinite Darkness New Trailer

    I think it sucks that it'll be only on Netflix, because I don't have Netflix.
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    Village Epilogue

    It could be Ethan, but if not and he's really dead, then good, because this and the previous game put him through all kinds of pain and suffering. I say put the poor man out of his misery.
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    RE Village Thoughts

    I didn't continue playing after I ended up in the cabin surrounded by werewolves, because I'm busy watching episodes of Pawn Stars. I think I'll watch the gameplay on YouTube before continuing with the game, because I hate having to figure things out. Plus I want to make sure I get to see the...
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    RE Village Thoughts

    I just played a little bit of the game and so far it's kind of slow. I mean after Ethan wakes up, I walk down the snowy trail in the forest and come across a bunch of wooden houses and there's nothing in them. I made it as far as when those werewolves surround the cabin with the radio, then I...
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    RE Village Thoughts

    I haven't yet got on my PS4 to download/install it, because I've been busy, but I did see a video last night with boss battles and cutscenes. It looks like I guessed right when Capcom released that trailer stating that "his story will come to an end" and it was Ethan just as I predicted. I...
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