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    Revelations Revelations 2 Claire Chapter 4 Translation

    There's no indication exactly when she got the illness, but she says Spencer ruined her life, and dooming her to sickness and death fits that.
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    Revelations Revelations 2 Claire Chapter 4 Translation

    It's mentioned in one of the files (and an early version). Alex also likens herself to Spencer and Albert as a fellow "chosen one" and the last left to change the world, and establish a "new world order". At the same time, Alex despises Spencer for ruining her life, likely referring to him...
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    Revelations Revelations 2 Claire Chapter 4 Translation

    Spencer, Albert and Alex did indeed all share the same ultimate plan for global domination, mass extinction and forced evolution. The only real variance is to their methods. Alex probably didn't care as much until Albert died. Even Alex's digital copying of consciousness was from technology...
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    General Change of Opinions About The Franchise.

    I actually have a veritable mountain of interviews to translate and add from about 30-40 magazines, which is why it's taking so long. I have countless online interviews bookmarked and saved as well, so it should be no trouble adding them. It's mostly a matter of figuring out a way to present...
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    General Change of Opinions About The Franchise.

    Ada sends Wesker a subordinate Plaga sample. He recovers Krauser's dead dominant species and clones it, which later appears in 5 as the one Irving injects himself with. Wesker works for the organization but is also working against them for his own purposes (reviving Umbrella), similar to how he...
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    General Desert Eagle .50AE 10in Barrel [LEON CUSTOM] Translation

    With the help of Sonny Bauer we've translated another rare Tokyo Marui limited edition airsoft gun made in 2008. The story of the gun is that it's a custom designed and ordered by Leon from a gunsmith in 2008, ten years after Raccoon City. The gun was also made to commemorate Tokyo Marui's...
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    General Timeline...

    It will be.
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    Translation BIO HAZARD DRAMA ALBUM The Doomed Raccoon City

    We've uploaded our translation of the first series drama album written by FLAGSHIP and released a month after BIOHAZARD 2 in Japan. It takes place in August 1998 in the midst of increasing monster sightings around Raccoon City (as alluded to in Chris' Diary) and shows how the city's water supply...
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    Translation All Blue Umbrella Information

    If you are confused as to why Umbrella has been re-introduced into the series from a plot perspective, I have gathered and translated all official sources released so far which discuss the how and the why. The last three of these translation articles are still in-progress, but the crucial story...
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    Translation The Story Of Leon's "Sentinel Nine" Handgun In Vendetta

    We have just completed our story translation of the Tokyo Marui X Biohazard collaboration gun, the "Sentinel Nine", which appears as Leon's handgun in BIOHAZARD VENDETTA and was originally intended to appear in BIO6. It was written by Tsukasa Takenaka, who also wrote the background story and...
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    General Timeline...

    I'm actually close to releasing an updated Chronology Of Evil.
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    General RE YouTubers

    GamerThumbTV is great but he sure does love the comics. Some additional ones that while not strictly RE-lated, are still great. thegamingmuse (BIO, Silent Hill, etc) RagnarRox (varied horror) DevilNeverCry (DMC) Resident Evil Database (Brazilian BIO) ...and a shameless self-plug for Project...
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    RE8 RE8 Dev Notes Leaked (Rumor)

    I'm pretty sure the first two details about the plot and setting were first mentioned a long while ago by Dusk Golem. It would certainly make sense given how Not A Hero was retooled to remove any definitive resolution to the Mold, Umbrella, E-Type or The Connections etc. I've speculated for a...
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