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    RE:3 Remaster (Mod) | Park, Clock Tower

    This looks SO good. RE3 Remake is a very good and fun game, it just needed more time in the oven and retain more of the classic locales like the Park and the Clock Tower itself 😩
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    Biohaze Website

    WOW. Great job Yama on securing the backup, would've been devastating to lose the whole site!
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    No Mercenaries mode Project Resistance is its replacement....

    The Mercenaries and Resistance stuff was not backed up by any quote and there even were some factual errors like Murphy’s death in the original, etc. So we still don’t have any official info on this mode. Pete Fabiano, in response, advices to just focus on his comments. Also the “no” from him...
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    RE: 3 Remake producers promise "there will be no delay"

    Well the game has been finished for some time now, three months (or four since the announcement) is plenty of time for polishing. The latest trailer really showcases the technical level they've achieved. It looks even better than RE2 both graphically and in the art direction, so I'm pretty...
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    RE:3 Official Renders

    Thanks @mert20004! I edited your post to include higher quality versions of the renders. Man, the screenshots, character renders and newest trailer look amazing. So hyped!
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    Capcom TV RE:3 Stream

    New tidbits, thanks to cvxfreak and Dusk Golem: - Capcom is happy with the positive reception to RE3 though the announcement was tough (not said but implied because of leaks). - RE2 and RE3 were developed simultaneously. - Nemesis is developed to be a smarter and more terrifying stalker than...
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    The Last of Us Part II

    Finally a date to look forward to. Can't wait! I suspect this game will be cross gen.
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    Leaked Project Resistance Images

    A side mode for REmake 3 seems plausible. Afterall, the original Mercenaries didn't even feature Jill as well. Just a few more days to find out what's this all about!
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    Capcom recruiting RE ambassadors to test game currently in development

    That confirms this isn't for any type of Outbreak revival then... or spinoffs for that matter? Pretty stupid answer by the company handling the calls tho.
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    How long have you been a fan of the series?

    1999. Around a month or two after RE3's release I got to play the game on a friend's house and have been hooked since then.
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    Jill Valentine (RE3) TEPPEN Story

    It IS her! God I need her in future RE games.
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    Jill Valentine (RE3) TEPPEN Story

    Is that Patricia Ja Lee on the trailer? :eek: It really sounds like her, she's my favorite Jill voice actress. I had no idea about this game until this news broke. Might have to try it out, the character designs and artwork look really cool.
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    Capcom recruiting RE ambassadors to test game currently in development

    Very interesting! I hope any of you guys who have applied get selected. BHZ represent :cool:
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    Capcom recruiting RE ambassadors to test game currently in development Capcom’s Division 1, responsible for developing the Resident Evil and Devil May Cry series, has sent out a recruitment email to Resident Evil Ambassadors based in Japan in search of “game testers.”...
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    Welcome Thread + Giveaway

    Hi everyone, Rod here. I've been part of the 'Haze since 2006 and joined forces with Yama and the team in 2009 for the first major overhaul for the site's 5th anniversary. I've been out of the loop since the last incarnation (2018-2019 interim version) but I'm back in full force this time! I've...
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