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    Resident Evil Infinite Darkness, a new CGI series for Netflix

    When I first told everyone on Twitter this is a series show, not a movie. Nobody trusted either. Time will reveal. Anyway, as I said, there are 2 shows in the work. The second one might be set at more present timeline.
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    Resident Evil Infinite Darkness, a new CGI series for Netflix

    1. This is a new series. So I think they did not want to limit themselves in brainstorming phase, having to follow previous CGI movie setting pattern to tie to the latest game. 2. Since 5 (more specifically Revelations), BIO-Terrorism became global threat. From the trailer and concept art, they...
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    Resident Evil Infinite Darkness, a new CGI series for Netflix

    And more information from the source. 1. There are 2 animated projects by Netflix. Infinite Darkness is the first one. 2. It has multiple episodes. 3. Timeline is between 4 & 5. BTW, this is the information they knew when working on it. Things could have changed.
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    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Gets A Vinyl Soundtrack

    Love the design. Just ordered one. Have the RE2 one already.
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    Re3 Remake Gameplay Footage

    That's right. I forgot that line from Remake2. I love Remake2's gaming experience, but the dialog is really not as momerable as the original. Maybe because it's too colloquial.
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    Re3 Remake Gameplay Footage

    I don't remember anyone in previous RE games said "F**K" before. Correct me if I'm wrong?
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    New Re3 Remake Screenshots

    So seems we are getting more enemy types than the original!
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    New Resistance Masterminds

    From CAPCOM Europe Community Manager on Twitter: Oh and I have to add on to this, just for clarity: Creatures/persons that are canon can be in Resistance, but what happens to them within Resistance isn't canon. For simplicity's sake, consider Resistance a canon vacuum.
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    Netflix Series in the works

    So it's going to set in the future? 2024, 26 years after 1998.
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    Mercenaries 3d

    It's a good game. Probably the RE game I played the most in last 10 years, because I could take it with me on business trip and play on planes. Got all the badges except the ones require online play. The only pity is Leon not in it.
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    No Mercenaries mode Project Resistance is its replacement....

    Mercenaries like the original won't be in. But I'm confident they will add some campaigns later to control other UBCS members, maybe similar to Ghost Story in Remake 2.
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    Remake 2 winning best new game on Metacritic

    Although it's not a perfect game, definitely still worth congratulations. Resident Evil 2 is the best new game of 2019
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    New RE:3 Details: Game changes, cast, new trailer, unannounced game

    As long as they don't do stupid lines like in Remake 2 scenario B ending, I'm totally OK with more changes. I think Remake 3 might have chance to do better story telling than Remake 2, because it does have more characters in its source materials to cook with.
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    RE:3 Announcement Trailer

    I think the classic costumes will still be unlockable. You just can use them for 1st play if you wish by pre-order.
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    Future Remakes

    So people forgetting about Outbreak now? ;) We definitely want more remake in Raccoon City, the Outbreak!
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