Would you play a RE game, set in space?

It's certainly an interesting concept. But they have to be careful, as there's already many space themed franchises. Some of these haven't did too well. But I just have a feeling they may do this someday.

With how narrow the hallways are in space stations, it could definitely be atmospheric not knowing when a zombie or creature could pounce at any moment...
How many horror tales and mythologies can Capcom continue to draw inspiration from before they run out of ideas? Hopefully they have learned from the disaster that was Dino Crisis 3 and NOT consider it. Unless they wan’t aliens in RE.

Maybe aliens put the Progenitor Virus on Earth millions of years ago?🤷‍♂️
It's certainly something Capcom could consider, giving how they could deem it "safer" to experiment on bioweapons above the Earth's atmosphere.

I don't know. I just think giving how Capcom has these weird ideas now, this actually seems like one of the less strange ones. In fact, I am amazed that they haven't tried it by now. However, give or take. Maybe it could be a successful entry.

How funny would it be if they used the assets from the RE3 remake, where Nemesis uses his tentacle to fly upwards? In space, the main creature chasing you can definitely hear you scream! 😄
It could work as long as Capcom has a good or great space story to tell.

If Capcom were to draw an inspiration, I'd look at how Glen Scofield and Michael Condrey tackled the "Dead Space" games.
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