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RE8 Would you get the PS4 version of Resident Evil Village?

Probably not, ive about had it with the micro USB ports on PS4 alone so I’ll definitely be making the switch. No load times is also a big +
I didn't know it'll be available on the PS4. I heard from a Capcom video this summer it'll be on the PS5 instead.

If Village will be on the PS4, then yes. I'm not going to spend hundreds of dollars plus the price of the game just for 1 game, considering my interest in games is a lot lower than it was 10+ years ago.

Caffeine Addict

Yeah. My interest has waned as well. I'll never stop being a fan completely, but I think you know why I hate the direction it has went in.

The loading times on the other hand, don't bother me that much. We've all grown up in a time where having to wait a minute or so for a room to appear has been the norm. If it means saving on money, at least until something better is announced for the PS5, then I don't mind. Capcom has to earn back my excitement.
I'm still wondering if I'll even get the game for PS5 lol I mean, fuck's sake... $500 for a game console!

I'll probably give into it, though. I don't think I'll be able to wait a year or two for it to go down. I'm too excited for the game.

Honestly I'm really not that much of a gamer. RE is the only video game series/franchise I've ever really managed to get into. The only reason I got a PS3 was to play RE5, the only reason I got a PS4 was to play RE7 and RE2R, and now it'll probably be the same case this time for RE8 haha

Caffeine Addict

It's a pity that Capcom didn't even announce a release date a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, due to current events, things are always rapidly changing. Maybe even they don't know. Just be grateful we'll be getting the game at all. :D

But I just don't know if that game alone is enough to make me want to rush out and get a PS5. I'm sure Argos will be quick in getting them back in, even if they become sold out. They are bound to have a big demand for them anyway.

I'm just keen to know if Alex Wesker is coming back.
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