Will we see RE:3 this year?

Seems something got changed around with the timing of this game. For sure it’s not coming this year, if we go by capcoms financials they have no major game till May 2020 at least. Maybe a TGS reveal, who knows.


Hoping for TGS, really looking forward to that first big drop on the new site. Always memorable times.
I'd say we won't hear anything about RE3 for at least a year or 2. My guess is they'll want to reveal other titles/remakes before dropping another RE title.

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Considering the very average remake of RE2 that was mostly devoid of any character development or meaningful interractions, none of the original's atmosphere, and appalling texture detail, and now that the wonderful RE2 and RE3 seamless HD projects are fully playable and looking outstanding (with some surprisingly joyous easter eggs - check out [STARS]TyranT's stream) I just cannot see any value in a Capcom over-the-shoulder canon-breaking RE2 remake clone.
To OP: nice question... but I think a Dino Crisis (sequel or Remake) will be revealed first and probably another RE spin-off also will be coming before RE 3 Remake.
Out of all main RE titles 3 is my least favourite. I have played it through barely 3-4 times. I simply don't like the Nemesis and him being after me all the time, but then REmake 2 was OK with the Mr. X. Its been so long since I played 3, so my opinion about it might've changed.


I think we'll see it sooner than later since so much of the groundwork from RE:2 can be re-used for RE:3, this is definitely the time to do it along with a cross-gen sales push as the PS5 and Scarlett will be coming.
I came upon this article Everything We Know About The Rumored Resident Evil 3 Remake it's kinda short, but so is the info of the game at this point. I think REmake 3 is going to be next years game and as this article says the RE:8 is propably next gen title, which makes sense cos the next gen is very close now.

I could definitely see it being current or cross gen since the engine is already done, but RE8 should be a next gen powerhouse.
I'm guessing we will likely have huge news about it with a trailer shown during E3 of 2020, and then a 2021 release in January will come.

7: Biohazard: Jan 2017.
Remake 2: Jan 2019.
Remake 3: Jan 2021.

What do you think? :unsure:
I think if its coming after May of next year (due to Capcom's financial reports), a TGS reveal would make the most sense. Based off the rumors, this game has been in development since RE2 Remake was (and this is apparently outsourced) so it should be close to completion and ready for an unveil.
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