Why are you a fan of...??

We sure all love Biohazard/Resident Evil's story, but some of us have been attached to certain characters and people in this universe, more than of others.

So tell me, why do you consider character X to be your favorite? What did they do to impress you? Maybe you like more than just one character?

Share your experiences and thoughts in this thread.

For starters I copied Matias's comment from the previous Biohaze:

This is my favorite character:

The legend, the man himself, the fighting machine, the marksman, the knife master... Chris Redfield! :p


I always liked Chris, especially after Code Veronica. He became a determinate hero with such a strong sense of justice in that game, his final fight with Wesker made me like him even more because he knew he wasn't a match for Albert but still fought him without a single trace of fear... How can you not admire such a character like him? His top priority was the protection of Claire and avenging the deaths of his comrades, his personal values are admirable.

I liked him in RE1 because he was my first RE character ever but the voice acting kind of made him a funny yet memorable character to me.

RE Remake brought us a more serious and quiet version of the character... He wasn't really like his CVX counterpart (the ultimate badass hero) but instead we had a young and naive Chris who still wanted to save everyone but didn't really acted like a hero in the likes of "I'm here to save you and I will kill everything that stands in my way" like in CVX. In Remake, we could simply see that he was a warrior inside but still very naive overall, trying to wrap his head around what he was seeing in the Mansion.

In Umbrella Chronicles we pretty much had the return of CVX Chris and for the first time we could see his leadership qualities when he and his team raided the Caucasus Lab (kind of foreshadowing his future, where he eventually became a Captain).

His response to Jill when he said "We'll just take out whatever they throw at us!" made me say "Yup, badass fearless CVX Redfield is back!" hahah

His development was very consistent as a character and his RE5 depiction is among one of the best character depictions in the whole series.

Here in Portugal, people always like that serious type of character over the one who cracks lame jokes every two seconds, there might be exceptions though... But Chris' fanbase is huge around here and his fans admire Chris very much, like me.

I remember back when RE5 came out, the biggest praises were towards Chris' character and how much he matured and became a symbol of determination that never gave up. Achieving his goals (saving the world and killing Wesker) and saving those he loved above everything else (Jill and Sheva) were considered to be two of the biggest character qualities in the game... I mean, not really the qualities but rather how Chris acted and aspired to that, his personality, his quotes etc

When Sheva was about to die near the end and Chris suddenly remembered what happened to Jill in 2006, giving him enough strenght to save his partner this time around, thus avoiding what he couldn't last time... Fantastic scene.

Another thing I really enjoyed was how much he trained to overcome Wesker, he became muscular, fast, agile and a Thai Boxing machine that stood toe to toe with a freaking superhuman martial artist. Regarding the muscles, why do people feel so intimidated by a fictional character being in better shape than them? lol

His body change is yet another symbol of motivation and determination. Chris being a videogame character, ironically, was definitely what made me start playing less videogames and working out more often. Guess what? It worked.

Back when RE5 came out I had school exams at that time, so I only got to play it almost a month after release. Meanwhile, most of the guys at my group of friends were already playing it and they were like "Chris is awesome in the game, he's determined and definitely way more mature than the last time we saw him. Loving playing as him!" Anyway, take notes kids! School always comes first, even if a game from your favorite franchise comes out! Do it like I did hahah

He's fucking awesome in RE5 and my favorite character development in the series. His changes were superb, both physically and psychologically.

Regarding RE6, his story was amazing, it was the most personal out of all the campaigns. Like you, that game made me like him even more!

It showed us that Chris is indeed human and that even heroes can fall, I remember one of the producers saying something along those lines when it came to Chris' Fallen Hero arc in 6.

It's kind of sad ya know? Especially when he gave us that smile in RE5 after killing Wesker... I mean, he knew that Wesker's death wasn't the end of bioterrorism but it should've brought some peace to his life. Instead of having peace, Chris was thrown into a pit of sorrow and barely had the strenght to rise again if it wasn't for Piers (I know you and N7 hate his fanbase but Piers was an amazing character and Chris' apprentice, his only hope to one day retire and maybe even... Live a very happy life with Jill? haha).

Losing men in the battlefield must be traumatizing as shit, especially someone as young as Finn and a soldier like Piers, both of them still had bright futures ahead of them. No wonder why Chris was left scarred for good.

I know the story repeated iself in RE7 but the point here is RE6. That's where this arc first started and it was greatly explored and unique in the RE series for the first time in RE6.

The people he saved see Chris as a hero or a living legend but Chris himself doesn't see it that way and we all know that for him, there's nothing heroic in what he does.

The way I see it, Chris doesn't live, he just survives, breathes... Chris having to constantly save the day only means that there's no end to his nightmare and that he's cursed for life.

What happened to him in RE6 was needed and contributed a lot to Chris' development.

The ending where Chris was walking into the light was masterful and it definitely has some symbolism behind it. Chris was thrown into a pit of darkness the whole game, only to find the light at the end of the tunnel, meaning that he was going to rise again.

In Marhawa Desire he was fantastic as well, the first time we saw Chris as a Captain in the RE series. It was a great depiction of Chris and he had an amazing battle sequence against C-16 using nothing more than a Combat Knife, very impressive.

In Vendetta we could see a much light hearted version of Chris. Basically, the rise of Chris after the events of 6. He laughed and joked in the movie, which was surprising, considering he still went through some shit in the movie.

We could pretty much see that he kept his cool to see his mission through and approached his losses differently than what he did in 6. When Damien dies,you could see the sadness on his expression but he kept moving forward because he knew that Arias had to be killed... Let's face it, out of the people involved there, no one could face Arias in CQC besides Chris. If something happened to Chris... Leon, DC, Nadia and Rebecca would've been screwed if human Arias was still around lol

He sustained attacks from Diego, fought Arias (a trained CIA assassin) to a stand still while being injured and eventually defeated him using his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo skills.

Chris was a freaking tank in the movie, the guy overcame everything that was thrown at him. It felt like a mix of CVX and RE5 Chris, which was perfect to me.

Chris is an amazing character and definitely my favorite in the gaming universe.
My first experience with Resident Evil was RE4, so I may be somewhat biased towards it, but I also played the original RE2 after that and at the time I was very in love with Leon's character. However, as it stands now, I think he's the most inconsistent and perhaps overrated and Vendetta just made me dislike him more. But disregarding my current feelings, I originally liked Leon for his quips and sarcasm in RE4, then in RE2 he just seemed so fed up with Ada's BS lol. He was great from RE2 to RE4, even if the latter is kind of a weird derparture of him compared to his former.

But right now, I think I'm in more of the Chris camp with ya. His arc in RE6 I thought was wrapped up super well, it's one of the few long-running character arcs we have in the series. Take characters like Ada and Leon and their stories don't progress well, while other characters are missing in action for years on end. It's kind of surprising how well Chris's character was handled throughout the series, so I'd definitely point to him as the true main character of RE. Say what you will about Vendetta as a film, his interactions with Rebecca are on point and pretty natural. Even in RE7 where his looks are wonky and weird and his plot doesn't progress much, along with some added cursing which he typically isn't known for, it's still in line with what we'd expect for Chris in which he's just tired of Lucas: every reaction's natural in my opinion.

This is how ya do a character progression, Capcom!

Captain Redfield

The man who killed Albert Wesker
People can call me a fanboy and yeah...I might be a Chris fanboy :ROFLMAO:

Yeah, Chris is the main character of RE. People can argue and say that you still have Jill, Leon or Claire or that Chris hadn't participated in a few games which according to them lows Chris's main character status. Well, Rick Grimes is the main character of TWD and there were episodes where he didn't appear and he's now gone, Toretto is the main character of The Fast and Furious franchise and missed a few movies as well. The story might be bigger than a character but every story needs and has a main lead, in Resident Evil's case it surely is Chris Redfield.
Chris not only is leaps and bounds above every character in terms of total appearances but he's been a main story arc character since day one and kept it that way throughout the franchise's long running course. Outside of the above mentioned, he's better written than everyone else.
he's definitely the bets written character in the series buddy.

as far as front man that's always an ongoing battle since Leon has been in so much content too.
they made Chris appear dumb in Vendetta too with that little bit to Rebecca on how she talks to him about not wearing protective gear. :LOL:


Chris and Jill #1 in RE
For me it's always Chris and Jill.

The series started with them and hopefully ends with them. There are people who think both are bland but I beg to differ. To me both are what makes Resident Evil RE and my favorite team/pairing in the series. What would I give to see them both united in a game or movie again?

Chris has gotten the most of the story and is indeed the most developed, and I suppose there's nothing else I can add what already hasn't been told.

Jill is great and holds a great potential but unfortunately she tends to be non-existent in the current timeline and wish she would have gotten a better treatment, because frankly, as the female character I respect the most, she has gotten the short end of the stick and I fear that many fans have already forgotten about her very existence within the series. Hopefully, Capcom realizes this and gives her finally a role she deserves! They really owe us that.

Captain Redfield

The man who killed Albert Wesker
he's definitely the bets written character in the series buddy.

as far as front man that's always an ongoing battle since Leon has been in so much content too.
Not a chance if you ask me, Leon still has a lot of catching up to do to reach Chris's total of appearances. Chris surely is the front man of the series, more appearances + main story arc totally crushes any argument as to why Chris is the main character and Leon isn't.

Nero Sparda

Leon cause my first RE was RE4 and after RE2 where he was a cool rookie cop, he became a badass government agent with cool jokes in RE4 and RE6. I also liked him in Damnation movie unlike the other 2 ones.
For me its either Barry or Leon. Barry because he is a family man, someone who does what he thinks is right, and is willing to help his friends even when he has been threatened. Leon is clever, capable, and extremely lucky. He also has his flaws, with his alcoholism and slight naivete, but he can put them aside when he has been called upon. I think Damnation was one of his best appearances, though gamewise it would be either 4 or 6.
I've always had a big attachment to Sherry, Ada, and Chris. I'll start with Sherry.

Sherry was simply an amazing character to follow in RE6. Her personality is so lovable, and I love how she both changed and was changed by Jake. She's so mature and I found her inspiring. I loved her campaign so much!

Ada is a very intriguing character to me. She always has some internal conflict between her mission and her own emotions due to her love for Leon. Fate always has her crossing paths with him and it's always interesting to see how she handles it. She's kind and good at heart even if she comes off as cruel and uncaring. She's just a beautiful badass female character that has layers of complexity to her. Always love seeing her!

I loved witnessing the development of Chris' character from RE1 to Village. He's one of the most real characters to me and I found his struggles relatable. He kept losing so much throughout his career in the BSAA and also his time in STARS. I love the dynamic between him and Albert, 2 former comrades becoming enemies due to the circumstances. Chris is a very compassionate character that cares deeply for those close to him, and you can tell he even still cared for Wesker with his interactions with Jake in RE6. He's been through a lot of pain and suffering, and this truly becomes obvious with RE5, RE6, AND Village. I respect Chris so much and I couldn't possibly love him anymore than I do now. (Loved seeing his interactions with Piers as well.)
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