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RE4 Why are the RE4/RE2R communities so toxic?

Yeah ı saw the video. Cool ratings. The fanbase drama still exists within the fandom and ı find it more and more pointless. Not to mention capcom's imitating re4 with re engine in an attempt to benefit wesker and his umbrella which ı dont like at all. I think they are treating re4 as " black sheep " due to re engine imitating it quite blatantly in an attempt to " improve " from its barebones nature rather than re6 like how ı've seen people say. Re6 was described as a great game in one of re7's videos but its fans seem to forget this and still criticise the game unfairly. It isnt that different from re4 fans where ı saw some of them criticising pre-4 as " unplayable " . However ı enjoy them fine except survivor games and gaiden which from a gameplay standpoint felt harder to adapt. Though ı dont find remake as good as re1, re2, re3, recv and even re0 personally.

I dont have a preference between re4 and re5. I think they are both entertaining at what they are but at the same time; they both feel like code plagas spinoff like games presented as numbered entries. But re6 felt like an infinite improvement from past. I still think it's peak re in every way imaginable.

For re engine raccoon; ı dont have much preference between both either but ı think 3 is more focused than 2. 2 storywise feels like a massive trainwreck due to the way it was written while 3 feels more redundant rather than irritating. Umbrella chronicles already simulated re3 before so looking back; re engine 3 doesnt even come off that surprising. I prefer suga's writing by far.
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Basically, they're ill mannered people acting tough behind their user names. In person, they're likely to not get too confrontational. Online, they feel safer.
You're right. People who talk a lot of bullshit talk are cowards hiding on their computers. I never get involved in people who act like animals. When I see a post that looks bad, I just move on and never come back to it, even if I started that topic thread.
Trolling is pointless.

However, watch out for this "Gimpy" guy. He likes to say sick things about my family, and fill up unmoderated forums with spam. Which he was actually recently doing repeatedly on anxietyforum.net until the site was suspended.

I reported him to a very sceptical admin on The Horror Is Alive. He said I was trying to defame my stalker. How stupid is that!?
I still wonder when capcom will end the series. The more the franchise continues; the more divided the fanbase will get, resulting at even more unnecessary drama. To this day ı still find re6 haters most insufferable from the fandom. The game is 10 years old and yet they are still spouting dumb nonsense over and over. They dont seem to understand quality and development put into the game due to their low standards.

They are getting a kick from benefitting wesker's umbrella with re engine. Idk how long this will continue but ı feel tired due to this still going. Re engine is utterly barebones as well and even the mods dont save it quite well. While re5 and especially re6 dont need mods to be entertaining. I also had to use a tweaks patch for re4 to make the gameplay more tolerable and even then; ı still prefer re6 infinitely.

Cant stand to " genre " obsession either. I'm more fan of franchises rather than these " genres " . The entries by themselves should be able to define the identity of the series, not " genres " . I still find " survival horror " a boring stereotypical term mikami invented out of nowhere when the series started. Iwao didnt even come up with that term; mikami did. And he didnt give any deep meaning to it. Those " horror " elitists try to force their so called " rules " each others' throats as if they are better than each other or something and ı will never have any of it.
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I still remember well when re engine 2 was released; the game was receiving insane praise during popular places while it was quite criticised in biohaze as well as crimson head forums. I even saw this being mentioned. I played claire's 1st run 1st and ı really liked it but as ı continued; the game became more and more disappointing to me storywise. And eventually ı also got fed up from gameplay except claire's 1st run. I think claire's combat feels like an improvement from og game while leon's feels like an insane drop of quality instead. And ı still cant stand to scenarios or the way 2nd run works.

Storywise ı think the game is a trainwreck and it has the worst story from all entries along with revillage which makes re7's journey even more pointless.

Wesker would surely having so much fun by creating simulations pretending as biohazard outbreaks that happen in bio-real world even though they dont feel like one.
I wish they hadn't killed Wesker off in RE5. By that stage of the franchise, they had altered the formula to where it was becoming unrecognisable. But Wesker was like a glue that held everything together. Add Wesker to a game, and you were guaranteed a boost of sales.

But he was barely in the game until probably the last quarter, and I thought the game was generally not scary, and was just about you killing waves of the same type of enemies that RE4 included.

Since it didn't feel like a RE game, and then he died, it killed a part of the soul of the series. At least in my opinion.
How to sum up wesker's re engine simulation direction:

" Wesker you're pitiful! ( Looking at re engine ) This is your saviour?!! You say this FAILURE is your saviour?!! "
So are the remakes replacing what is already canon? I don't see the point in these remakes, if that's the case.

I really feel they're just doing them for the money. They know RE fans have a habit of just going with the flow, and supporting whatever they do.

Fortunately, some people know how it is, and have stopped caring.
So are the remakes replacing what is already canon?
There's no such thing as " replacing " and ı dont care about the " canon " that much either since the way it works doesnt make much sense. With my marathons; ı always mixed it up when replaying the entries from both release and timeline order but ı always started either at re1 or remake before playing re0. I used to replay the entries that are set after re6 chronologically as well but nowadays ı feel that starting the marathons from re1 and ending them at re6 makes the most amount of sense to me.
I hope the remake of RE4 will be more scary, as is rumoured.

I don't care much for the bombastic, over the top, Rambo style of the original. But making it more eerie and serious?

I'd support that direction.
Honestly with re engine 4; they can cut practically anything from leon's portion and it would still be barebones as a faithful sense since that's how mikami's re4 feels due to the game not having a separate writer hired along with a rushed script until it got ported and separate ways got added. It wouldnt surprise me if they cut separate ways either since mikami had nothing to do with that and they didnt update gamecube port with it at all. It felt like a separate release all along to the point of having a new director along with murata coming back from outbreak games to work on it as a writer. Personally ı like separate ways more than the entire re5 cause ı enjoy playing as ada during her own scenario a lot. Though her chapter 3 in castle is without a doubt the worst. The other chapters also feel underdeveloped but they become more tolerable with chicago typewriter. Even more so with ada styling her way in spain with her red dress. How elegant.

I guess it will be more similar to castle build. It seems to be in development in 2001-2002, 6 years after franchise started. Re engine 1 was released in 2017 and ı guess re engine 4 will be more based on castle build since it will be released 6 years later ever since the franchise got " rebooted " . I cant stand capcom trying to imitate re4 over and over. I dont mind porting the game to infinity but using an entirely new game engine to blatantly imitate the game feels unnecessary. It doesnt even feel like " remedying " ; it simply feels more of the same stuff. Even more so under wesker's vision in regards to benefitting his umbrella.
RE is a money maker first and foremost. There is no reason for them to take their prized cow to the slaughter house quite yet. The existance of the Rose DLC being set in 2036 is what’s bothering me the most right now. It’s the biggest time jump since RE4 and there is no reason for it unless they are going to skip the BSAA siege story along with The Connections and Shen Ya activities.

Maybe we will get another rail shooter called The RE Engine Chronicles that will quickly gloss over these events.🫠
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" I will cut my head off if re4 would get released on other platforms. "

I still find this comment of mikami quite cringy. That dumb gamecube exclusivity deal hurt his so called " masterpieces " quite badly. And re0 receives an even worse fate sadly. I still dont like that whole deal at all.

I cant stand his opinion on rebecca either. It doesnt even surprise me that rebecca in re0 acts more like iwao's rebecca rather than mikami's due to sugimura working on it as a writer. Mikami dislikes her for being " submissive " and yet he creates ashley in re4 where she gets captured out of nowhere while making leon look incompetent. I dont even dislike ashley that much but the game doesnt give her the screentime and development she deserves.
RE is a money maker first and foremost. There is no reason for them to take their prized cow to the slaughter house quite yet. The existance of the Rose DLC being set in 2036 is what’s bothering me the most right now. It’s the biggest time jump since RE4 and there is no reason for it unless they are going to skip the BSAA siege story along with The Connections and Shen Ya activities.

Maybe we will get another rail shooter called The RE Engine Chronicles that will quickly gloss over these events.🫠
Do you think it will have mia? I feel that she holds far more potential that ethan did whose existence didnt serve any purpose. I think she should have been the antagonist of revillage rather than miranda who didnt need to exist imo.

I cant stand her escaping either; ı wished winters story arc was concluded in revillage but capcom's dragging it to dirt. At this point ı wished the series ended along with ada and wesker getting their own entry together without anyone else from past returning. I can only trust ada at this point. No leon or chris, just ada and wesker where the latter would receive his final backstabbing from his so called " crush " .

I also wished they invented a plot device where wesker's powers would be disabled along with no recovering from tissue fragment. This would be a syringe injection with this turning wesker's powers off while making him incredibly sick in a way far worse than spencer and alex. I believe there was a moment in one of the anderson's movies where wesker injects alice that turns her powers off or something. Considering the simulation arc feels quite inspired by anderson's movies starting with umbrella chronicles, ı dont think it would feel out of place if this would happen. This would make wesker's final defeat quite anti-climactic but it would be really ironic cause x version of recv was the reason why umbrella came out of nowhere in re4 along with the company receiving its takedown at a simulation like experiment before wesker decided to start from stratch.
I feel like Wesker dying and whatnot, wasted all of the potential that Capcom had mustered up. The same with changing from fixed camera angles to third person run and gun trash, then that on rails BS. It made the series feel pointless, because all of the build up really did not lead to a good pay off. But hey, why should Capcom care about that? They basically drew in new fans with RE4, and look at how profitable action games have been. So Capcom alienated all of their older fans, who liked the slower paced, horror themed games. Of which RE4 arguably still has to a degree, but not nearly as much as the previous entries. Now they control in a shitty way.
Do you think it will have mia?
I don’t even care enough about her honestly to even consider her in a chronicles spin-off or RE9. Mia reminds me of Ada in some ways with how shady and morally confused they both are. Shadows of Rose will be the end and hopefully we can move past the mold and back to viruses and parasites again.
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