Which RE game did you play today?

Nero Sparda


I know I'm very late to this but I finished Darkside Chronicles yesterday, the only spinoff that I've really beaten and finished.

It's a very fun spinoff IMO and I absolutely loved the retelling sections, especially RE2. They portrayed Claire very well here and she's my favourite character in this game.

The main story section of this game is ok, nothing that special. Leon is decent, ( A lot better than how he behaves in Degeneration and Vendetta; that's for sure. ) the new Manuela character who's infected with T-Veronica is cool and I like how the game explores Krauser and makes it connect well to RE4. ( Really wished this happened in RE4 though but whatever. ) Manuela's father is kinda a generic villain but I liked his mutation. Not a big fan of how Krauser's special episodes are unnecessarily difficult though. Moving on...

RE2 section is awesome and it's my favourite part in the game. I infinitely prefer it over RE2 Remake, especially storywise which is better than that game. Loved the cutscene where Claire talks with Sherry in the security room.

RECV section is great overall; again Claire is awesome here as well, Steve is slightly better here compared to RECV ( Though I never really hated Steve; I thought he was fine. ) along with other cool things. I didn't like the change with Alexia's personality though and I don't like how the game doesn't show us a confrontation between Chris and Wesker like in RECV. Other than that; I overall liked it.

For the general thoughts of this game; one thing that really bothered me is how shaky camera is. It sometimes makes aiming difficult.

Maybe I might try out other spinoffs in the future.

A. Wesker

Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat
Tried Leech Hunter, it's been years since I played it. I only got 97 Leeches, it looks like the A rank just gives you infinite ammo for everything? I should go for 100 later, after I practice a bit

Now I might do a session or two of RE5 Mercs

pink herb

[chris voice] GOOD STUFF
REV1/2 are on sale in a bundle on PSN right now, which I plan on buying soon. Decided to replay REV2 and downloaded Chapter 1 for free. I don't recall Raid Mode being so slow though? Then again, I last played on the PS3 and that was maybe 2 years ago.

Nero Sparda


So I've decided to replay RE7 for the 2nd time in order to remember the game better. I've always thought that RE7 being a 1st person horror game all of a sudden was weird since I've liked the action / campy / over the top nature of RE and I thought 4, 5 and 6 being action horror games made sense ( They are good RE games to me due to this though 5 is flawed compared to 4 and 6. ) since the main RE games started to focus on action more with RE2 and this natural process continued in RE3 and RECV, it didn't suddenly happen with RE4. However; in my mind, I was still thinking that I was exaggerating my hate for RE7 and the game when taken for its own thing couldn't be that bad. However after replaying the game; I can safely say " Yes. The game's still that bad even when taken on its own thing. " Though I'll mention good things about the game as well. I also played Not a Hero for the 1st time ( when I replayed the game; it wasn't released. ) and I gotta say; Chris' awful design is the least bad thing about it. So let's start:


Main Game

IMO; the Guest House section is ok; ( The intro is stupid though; worst RE intro ever. Like why didn't Ethan bring any weapon with him or call the cops? This game takes place in freaking 2017 and our " hero " behaves like none of the previous bioterror events happened. It isn't cheesy at all and instead is simply stupid. The game's terrible story takes itself WAY too seriously and lacks camp. ) I've decided to watch the tape again since it leads to a collectible; the only tape I like in this game. Mia boss battle is ok; gives decent challenge. I still liked Jack in this ( The only character I like in this game. ) but not during the part when you can't fight back due to not having any weapons and need to escape using a key. The game becomes good however after you enter your 1st save room... Until when you find 3 dog related keys and unlock the main gate; then the game's quality goes on a rapid downhill. My favourite part in Main House section is Jack boss fight in the morgue; I like " killing " him with the chainsaw; it feels satisfying. I've really liked the shotgun puzzle as well. Other references aren't that memorable though. Speaking of shotgun; oh boy, this weapon has a way better impact than RE2 Remake's shotgun. I also think the impact of weapons in this game is better than Revelations' and RE2 Remake's weapons though they are still not that great compared to weapons in other RE games. I've liked enhanced ammo ( Please Capcom; don't forget this mechanic in RE3 Remake. ) as well; I prefer it to the RE2 Remake's lame 2nd run handguns and their ammunition. Anyways after unlocking the main gate; you go to Old House which isn't really that memorable compared to Main House, regardless it's a mediocre section; bugs are annoying though. The cages that can be unlocked using coins aren't that memorable items either. Though I hate steroids items and their lame joke aspect; I've always thought Chris was a badass who really trained after RECV to become really muscular without resorting to drugs. The HP increasing items should have been yellow herbs. Speaking of herbs; I hate that green herbs ( which can't be combined with each other. ) are the only herb type in this game; I didn't like these lame bottles, I like combining herbs in RE games. Marguerite ( Who's an annoying character. ) boss battle was super boring with really cheap attacks; I've decided to rely purely on Burner ( which is a crappy weapon. ) this time and surprised that she went down really easily. I knew she was weak to fire based weapons but NOT that much. I guess I didn't really need to shoot her weakspot and make it unnecessarily hard for me previously. After killing Marguerite, the game becomes a lame 1st person shooter horror game while becoming really linear. The game gives you WAY too much ammo and most of them aren't that hard to find. Granted classic RE games ( RE0 can go fuck itself. ) gave you spare ammo too but they striked a balance not to mention some of them were hidden well in those games. This balance aspect is better done in RE2 Remake IMO compared to RE7. Oh and those very fast crawling things with cheap attacks can go fuck themselves; one of the worst if not the WORST monsters in the franchise. I've liked Lucas' special puzzle room but Lucas is annoying as well, he reminds me of the dumb Irving in RE5 but Lucas is worse. After the puzzle room, the game continues to be meh like how it was previously but becomes even more linear. I've disliked Jack's blob form who has weakspots which some of them BTW are in annoying places; I've wished he stalked you more and didn't become a blob instead. It seems this is one of the reasons why Mr. X stalks you in RE2 Remake's 1st run as well which instead feels excessive in that game. The Mia or Zoe section is retarded; why does Mia appear in ship when you cure Zoe who dies very quickly anyways? The tape found in ship is stupid too and SMG sucks ass. ( RE2 Remake's SMG is better this time. ) Like how did Mia record that thing and why didn't anyone get suspicious on a ship that gone missing? We're in freaking 2017 timelinewise. Oh and boring Eveline sucks as a villain and she makes one of the most lame jumpscares ever. After that, the lame FPS stuff doesn't change. Honestly I forgot RE7 was a survival horror game as I got more and more closer to the end parts of the game since the game tries to imitate 4 / 5 / 6 for some reason but doesn't do it well. Eveline boss fight is way too scripted and her only lame attack is an instant kill. And the lame Redfield guy...


Not a Hero

Before playing this; I was thinking " Maybe Capcom could have put more effort into this and playing as Chris can be fun. Especially since it's delayed which means they could have put more effort into the mode. " . Oh boy; I couldn't be more wrong. Not a Hero simply sucks from start to finish unlike main game which have redeeming qualities. Weapons have lackluster impact, low weapon variety compared to RE5 and RE6, melee is seriously dumbed down and have really low variety not to mention why can't I melee at any time and need prompts to do so, there isn't really interesting mechanics unlike in RE5 and RE6, the game gives you way too much ammo to the point where melee feels completely unnecessarily and misses balance a lot more than RE5 and RE6's Chris campaign do which miss balance a bit by being unnecessarily unforgiving when it comes to ammo sometimes, the basic enemies pose very little challenge, the whole gas mask upgrading section feels stupid ( I don't think Chris would wear one of them however if you force him a gas mask, at least make sure it's FULLY upgraded; why do I need to find parts in random places? ), Blue Umbrella from name alone is stupid, ( Another anti-bioterrorism organization is unnecessary when BSAA exists. Oh and what were they doing during the events of RE5 and RE6? How did they acquire Wesker's gun so easily and what's even Albert-02? Wesker didn't use / have a shotgun in 1998. ) , Chris loses men again but it doesn't feel impactful this time not to mention he doesn't seem to learn his lesson from RE6 despite Piers' constant warnings that include him sacrificing himself to save Chris ( On another note, why did he allow himself to get attacked by Lucas so easily at the start of the game like why not check the body that's Lucas? ) , Chris himself is also boring here as a character along with boring VA, the areas that involve gas are atrocious ( I thought Revelations 2's gas sections were annoying however after playing Not a Hero, I'll take Revelations 2's gas sections over RE7. ) which becomes really annoying during Lucas boss battle which is atrocious as well, why can't I perform melee attacks on Lucas' mutated form, some monsters are unnecessarily bullet spongy. There are new monsters in the game that can only be killed with special ammunition however they aren't executed that well here and the monster variety still sucks ass. So that's how I would sum up Not a Hero.

Other Notes

1. No extra modes that aren't paid DLC. Like where's Mercenaries?

2. No costumes.

3. No rocket launcher or infinite rocket launcher.

4. My opinion about the story still didn't change; it sucks ass. It should have been a sequel to RE6 instead of this weird reboot wannabe story.

5. Most characters in the game are boring and terrible ( Also what is it with Ethan's lack of reaction to anything around him? ) and the game wastes Jack by throwing him into trash way too early.

6. 1st person camera isn't fitting for main RE games. I infinitely prefer fixed camera angles or over the shoulder camera over 1st person.

7. Mold is lame. I don't understand how it works and it doesn't really have a rule for what it does. Yes; I've checked the files but it's still confusing. Monster variety still sucks.

8. Running speed is terrible and way too slow. Characters in classic RE games have faster running speed than Ethan and Chris.

9. There's some rare sections where you can be stealthy like in Old House when trying to use the crank while Marguerite roams around. Again; making nouses and opening doors don't matter. I wished they learned their lesson from RE6 and Revelations 2 but no. I still prefer RE6's weird stealth sections over Revelations 2 and RE7; mainly cause that game doesn't take itself that much seriously.

10. Unlockables aren't that interesting.

11. Why are there coins which are paid DLC that improve stats? Was wasting time on those necessary, Capcom?

So here it is; why I think RE7 is terrible and sucks so much ass. Early parts are good but as soon as you unlock the main gate using dog keys; the game goes on a rapid downhill and eventually becomes a lame FPS. Not a Hero is a huge disappointment. I won't play this game ever again.

Thanks for reading.
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Interesting essay, nero. I think you're too harsh to the game but overall ı have to agree with most of your complaints. I've replayed re7 in december and the game kinda feels like classic re game but in 1st person camera... until you unlock that door using the colored keycards and head towards lucas' traps, then the game becomes really linear and feels like a poor man's 4 / 5 / 6 that doesnt have that good combat with very linear level design. And as you continue further; it becomes a 1st person shooter horror game that is even more linear. Normally ı dont mind linear level design in 4 / 5 / 6 cause they are at least most of the time linear and have great combat systems that work well in their stories. Re7 though is weird; it's trying to be a classic re game however at the same time for some reason, it tries to be 4 / 5 / 6; ı mean in classic re games and re2 remake, the level design wasnt this linear at the mid and end parts of their stories so ı'm not sure what really went wrong in re7. It feels like a mess due to this. And yes, ı'm pissed by this game's story too; it feels more like a reboot to re storyline instead of a sequel to re6 and other re games.

You're also kinda right about not a hero; it feels like poor man's chris campaign from re6; the melee and combat are huge step down.

I've played the paid dlcs of this game; imo end of zoe is better than not a hero but at the same time it feels like poor man's jake campaign from re6. Combat in that mode is also step down from jake and sherry's mechanics. Joe is a cool character along with jack though he feels so forced. I think he should have helped his family earlier. Nightmare is fun mode and ı replayed it a lot during the time ı've spent in this game though ı still miss mercenaries and think it's better than nightmare. Bedroom is kinda lame; basically escape from the room and no combat. Daughters is ok; there's a reference to re6 in that mode though this still didnt change my opinion about the game's story. 21 is stupid; for some reason it's a card game. I dont care about the others.

It's nice to hear that ı'm not the only one who likes the campy / over the top nature of re and doesnt mind the over the top nature of 4 / 5 / 6. The games started to focus on action more with re2 then this natural evolution continued with re3 and recv as well; like you said it didnt suddenly happen with re4. Imo this is a good thing and gives the franchise charm.

Thank you for spending time on writing this essay and telling your opinions about this game. It's nice to hear an unique opinion other than something like " This game is perfect 10 / 10, it returned to series roots. Re5 and re6 are garbage. " or " This game simply sucks. " . Most people who dislike the game simply say something like " This game sucks cause it's an outlast clone. " or " This isnt re cause ı dont like it. " . At least you explain your opinions well about why you dont like re7.

Regardless; ı think all main re games are good, including re7 which ı enjoyed but re7 is my least favourite main re game and will always be the one that ı'll criticize the most.
I'm playing Resident Evil on the PC, currently working on a knife run in an attempt to get every achievement before the release of REmake 3.
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