What If Scenarios

Felt the need to create a separate thread for this.

Anyone have more ideas for what if scenarios like these in the video?

Here are mine:


What if billy and rebecca failed to stop marcus / queen leech and they both died?


What if alexia decided to experiment on alfred with t-veronica instead of alexander?

What if steve survived and escaped with claire and chris from antarctic base?

Darkside chronicles

What if krauser didnt injure his arm and didnt become evil?


What if parker, jessica and raymond died during the terragrigia panic?


What if jill didnt get captured by wesker in lost in nightmares?

What if josh didnt save sheva's life in time when her gun got jammed?

Marhawa desire ( Re6 prequel manga )

What if ricky killed himself with his gun and chris didnt reach to him in time?

What if merah survived and escaped with chris and piers from marhawa academy?


What if jake's mom was alive during re6's events?

What if chris and piers died during their edonia operation from carla's trap? Or what if only one of them died?

What if jake and sherry didnt get captured by carla and her men in edonia and they reached to simmons instead?

What if carla didnt contact ada under the guise of simmons to invite her to her submarine?

What if simmons didnt capture deborah to force helena to do his bidding and instead released c-virus gas immediately on tall oaks?

What if leon and helena died during tall oaks incident? Or what if only one of them died?

What if piers survived and escaped with chris from neo-umbrella's underwater facility?
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