Welcome to Raccoon City First Look

So positives first: Lisa Trevor looks creepy as hell and that small glimpse of an accurate main hall of the Spencer Mansion makes me giddy. Chris looks the part too.

The negative: Why is Claire's hair not in a ponytail? It's a staple at this point. Same goes for Wesker not having his sunglasses. I get it's 2021 and it'd be silly but come on, it's his character at this point. Jill also looks nothing like her character aside from the blue shirt going on. Where's the beret and Bob cut? Richard Aiken is also apparently the guy behind Wesker in that shot. I'm guessing Alpha and Bravo are just one team in this? Where's Barry? (Pun intended). Can't believe I'm saying this but Paul Anderson's movies also had a more accurate looking Leon than the one here. Nothing against the actor here himself but I could see him being a better fit for Carlos than Leon.

I'm cautiously optimistic, I need to see more. I'm hoping it's good but the fact that they're cramming two games into one movie doesn't inspire the most confidence. Neither does the director's past work either. But I guess we'll see. Assuming a trailer will be dropping any day now? Movie is a few months away.
Originally, this movie was supposed to be released on September 3, which would of been great, because my birthday is this upcoming Saturday, the 4th. I was going to spend my birthday at the movies watching this, but nooooooo, they needed to release this around Thanksgiving.
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