Virus Analysis: Golgotha

The crowning achievement of William Birkin, and the second most iconic virus in the series. The Golgotha Virus, or simply the G-Virus or G, was the first artificial virus to tap into the true potential of Progenitor, while the t-Virus merely scratched the surface.

Lisa Trevor

The young Lisa Trevor was able to partially bond with the strain of the Progenitor Virus she was injected with. Ancient adapters to the virus gained amazing abilities of strength, regeneration, and intellect, but modern humans cannot survive it's powerful mutations - not even Albert Wesker could survive vanilla Progenitor. While Lisa's strain had been weakened, the fact she survived, let alone developed abilities marked her as special. While she suffered necrosis and brain cell rejection, her vitality became so strong that she could be considered immortal. Given her unique nature, Oswell Spencer (CEO, President, and Co-Founder of the Umbrella Corporation) obviously saw value in her in reaching his goals of forced human evolution. She became the primary test subject at the Arklay Labs, but replicating or improving her status in other hosts proved impossible. She eventually became more of a curiosity than a vital step towards evolving humanity, and she was carelessly experimented on. She was injected with every strain of the t-Virus developed by the lab over the decades, yet her outward appearance and biological state remained the same. No one could figure out why.
Lisa developed an enlarged eye growth on her back, a common mutation tendency in Progenitor mutants (like the enemies in the DMC version of RE3.5) that occasionally pops up in variant strains.


Nemesis is a parasitic brain created with the t-Virus with elongated tentacles that spread throughout the body and emerge in certain spots, particularly from the hand (yes, this is relevant to G). They tend to grow further as the host is damaged, secreting chemicals with high concentrations of the virus to aid in healing. In early experiments, no host, be it human or B.O.W., could survive infection with Nemesis. See Virus Analysis: Tyrant for more information on this parasite.
After executive researcher Albert Wesker convinced his partner William Birkin to acquire a sample and inject it into Lisa, the parasite disappeared. Birkin, intrigued, examined Lisa with new a perspective, and discovered that Lisa had absorbed the parasite into her body. This resulted in her developing tentacles that emerged from her back, particularly when she healed from damage.


It was realized with this discovery that Lisa's body absorbed and integrated every virus she was infected with. Due to her amazing vitality from Progenitor, her body adapted in accordance to whatever damage was inflicted, or whatever mutagen invaded her body, regardless of how lethal. Birkin extracted the virus from her, which due to constant recombination with other viruses in her body had become something entirely unique. Birkin, aimless with the Tyrant research going nowhere and realizing this new potential, petitioned for the approval of a new virus project based on this strain. With all prior strains, including t-Veronica, falling under the t-Virus Project, this new line of research was a bold move. To Wesker's astonishment, and despite the impractical and expensive avenues this project called for, Spencer approved, as this marked a huge step forward in his ultimate goals. Thus began the G-Virus Project, and this strain from Lisa was used to create the G-Virus.

Artificial Animals

Ancient Progenitor created all life on earth, and generated the diverse traits seen in all organisms. The G-Virus is more in line with ancient Progenitor, in that rather than simply altering the existing genetic makeup of cells, it turns hosts into new animals. Cells are converted and replaced by G cells as the virus continues to alter the host, until no original cells remain. These resulting creatures are Golgothas, or Gs, similar to how t-Virus mutants are called Tyrants. Being new animals, Gs of the same "species" are capable of breeding with one another, like how the first Progenitor Mutants bred and populated the planet.
Each G created from injection into a human is a different animal that develops it's own traits, but there are some consistent results. The most obvious is the development of fully functioning eyeballs of various sizes on various spots throughout the body (particularly on the shoulder in humans). While a natural effect of Progenitor, these eyes are more common in G due to being derived from Lisa.
Another common G trait is the development of tentacles due to Nemesis genes, and a mouth similair to those seen on lamprey eels.

V-ACT in the G-Virus

Virus Activation is a natural process in Progenitor-based viruses. It is the result of the host undergoing extreme damage or even death, which leads to reinfection. Stress pathways that open to carry adrenaline may be relevant to this.
This reinfection results in cellular repairs and more drastic mutations, like the Licker. In t-Virus hosts, V-ACT only occurs once, or not at all. However, G hosts can undergo V-ACT indefinitely. Each time a G is hurt, it heals and mutates. Each time it mutates, it becomes further and further removed from human as G cells spread and reproduce. Once a host is entirely converted into a complete G creature, further V-ACT mutations tend to compromise it's efficiency, as it has already reached perfection.


Gs are driven by instinct to reproduce. In the absence of other Gs to mate with, they will seek to implant embryos for new G creatures into human hosts. Embryos are implanted using tentacles emerging from the hand. If the new host has genes similar to the G, this leads to the creation of another G of the same species. Gs will seek out former blood relatives for reproduction for this reason. The parasitic nature of reproduction along with it's delivery system is likely due to Nemesis genes.
If the new host lacks the correct genes, the developing embryo, in it's larval state, will reject the host and rip itself free, Alien style. The larva will quickly mature and grow into a G-Adult. This was seen with Brian Irons and Monica.
These rejected Gs are defective, lacking the impressive regeneration and V-ACT of stable Gs, but are not lacking in strength and aggressiveness. Their forms are disproportionate and misshapen, and they inherit traits from both the original G and the rejected host. G-Adults continually birth new larvae, called G-Young, from the mouth. These defective G-Young not only lack the capacity to breed, but they never mature beyond larvae. They are, however, capable of locomotion and primitive attacks on potential sources of food.


The ability to breed and constantly self-evolve are the traits Birkin sought for in a G B.O.W., as t-Virus B.O.W.s are infertile and experience V-ACT only once. But the G-Virus failed to eliminate brain cell rejection, and G mutations were entirely unpredictable. As such, G in it's current state is not the optimal bioweapon for creating obedient super soldiers.
However, Birkin discovered another application for G. Like Progenitor, G had the potential to create super humans if the virus could be regulated in the host. This regulation could be achieved through vaccine intervention.
Birkin, dissatisfied with Umbrella and the state of the world, envisioned a new world utopia built with the G-Virus, like Spencer envisioned long before. However, his death prior to the completion of the virus put a halt to those plans. Since G is incomplete, the creation of true G-Humans is impossible, and remains so as no one else knew the workings of G well enough to finish it.
After infection with the G-Virus was halted using the DEVIL vaccine in William's daughter Sherry, she gained some G-Human traits. Her ageing was either slowed or stopped, and she gained considerable regenerative powers.


Injecting the G-Virus into corpses creates G-Zombies, which have yet to be featured in any game. This trait man come from one of the many t-Virus' assimilated into G, or from Progenitor itself.
While no one has been able to complete G, It has been used to create three different viruses: t+G (t-Virus + G-Virus), the C-Virus (t-02 + G), and Uroboros (G and t-Veronica were used as a reference).
Like T, the G-Virus can infect any organism, but the only examples are from scrapped content from Outbreak and RE3.5. The effects of G in animals appears to be very similar to the effects of T, aside from dogs, which develop new limbs and heads.

The different examples of G Mutants are covered below, in this order:
1. G-Birkin
2. G-Curtis, Blobs
3. Biohazard 3.5 G Concept Art
4. Biohazard 2 Remake

After injecting himself with the G-Virus but prior to his transformation, William Birkin's blood vessels in the eyes burst, turning them red. This is a common symptom of the G-Virus.

G-Birkin went through five stages in it's lifespan, each named by number. As G-1, it's intelligence and memories remained comparatively intact, as it pursued the USS, devoured the liberated G-Virus samples to keep them "safe", called out Sherry's name, and used a metal pipe as a weapon. In the original game and in Outbreak, it developed claws at this stage only to appear later without them. It could have broken them in it's killing spree. G-1 remained mostly human looking, with G cells mostly consuming his right arm. This grew considerably, and ripped open at three points to reveal a giant eye with three sided eyelids. The iris of this eye is sometimes depicted as a reptilian-like slit, similar to adapters of the Progenitor Virus. A tentical like that seen on the Nemesis T-Type extends from the hand for implanting embryos, due to Nemesis genes in the virus.

After V-ACT, G-1 became G-2. It's right arm grew even larger. It's eye has gained a more rounded shape, and it's massive claws have returned. These claws resemble those seen on Super Tyrants, and their presence is seen in other V-ACT hosts such as the Crimson Head and Licker, possibly making this a common virus mutation tendency. Aside from the arm, the rest of G-2's body has also become altered by the G-Virus. It's left arm has grown, and a third arm is beginning to develop. A small lamprey eel mouth has begun development in the center of it's chest. Another eye has begun to develop as well.
G-2's most distinguishing feature is the head: Birkin's original skull has been destroyed, with the face and scalp melding into it's torso. In it's place has grown a new skull, with a single eye and small teeth. It's overall shape is uneven, and whether or not the original brain is fully gone is open to debate, as in TDC he shrieks Sherry's name as late as G-5.

G-3 no longer contains any trace of human. At this point, G-Birkin is an entirely new animal, and is a stable organism with optimal abilities and a well-proportioned body. It's strength, speed, agility, and durability rival a super Tyrant. This stage is what Birkin envisioned as a G B.O.W. - a perfect organism.
G-3's third arm is fully formed and joined by a fourth, and both sport large claws. The original arms are now identical to each other (except for the eye), and have raised towards the back of it's shoulders like
wings, giving it's silhouette the appearance of a fallen angel. The lamprey mouth has grown, and Birkin's original face is gone. Another eye growth has developed, and the head is now fully formed. It's height is increased so that it towers over Tyrants.

Despite reaching the ideal form in G-3, excessive damage triggered V-ACT again. Since G-3 was already a fully formed stable organism, further developments diminished it's efficiency. G-4's upper body has expanded and grown, with it's sheer weight forcing it into a quadrupedal stance. The legs have bent accordingly, and the original pair of arms have grown into feet. The lamprey mouth has grown immensely, and has enveloped the top of the torso, with the head fused at it's top. The fangs expand outward to act as a battering ram or a goring weapon. It's metabolism spiked to such a degree that it's breeding instinct is replaced with constant hunger, like Zombies, and G-4 began consuming many Zombies and Lickers.

Even further mutations caused G-4 to expand uncontrollably and lose it's stable shape. G-5 is a massive blob of flesh with an even larger mouth dominating it's front side. Most recognizable features are lost, and the limbs of Zombies and such can be seen extending from it's sides, still being digested. The remaining pair of arms have turned into tentacles like those used in breeding as G-1, but tipped with three-pronged claws in TDC. Many secondary tentacles extend from it's body, which it uses to pull it's massive body forward very slowly. No further mutations were achieved, as G-5 was totally incinerated.


Curtis Miller infected himself with a sample of the G-Virus taken from Fredrick Downing, a scientist who formerly worked under Birkin. The former wanted to be a martyr in the quest to uncover the truth of the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, while the latter wanted a combat demonstration for the G-Virus to entice buyers.

G-Curtis only went through two stages before it was completely obliterated. However, it's development into a full G creature was faster than with G-Birkin. While G's random mutations resulted in features unique to G-Curtis, many traits very similar to G-Birkin surfaced.
It's first form, like Birkin's G-1 form, was characterized by the development of extra muscle mass, claws on one arm (lending credence to the idea that G-1 lost it's first claws), and a large eye growth on the shoulder (although of a different shape and color). It's other arm extended in length as well, but not width.

The second form of G-Curtis was actually the equivalent of G-3, as the G cells already took over his body and turned it into a full G creature. It was destroyed in this form, but it can be assumed further mutations would be detrimental. In this form, like G-Birkin, it grew in height, became symmetrical, and
had impressive powers of strength and agility. It's head was also replaced with a new one which sprouted from underneath and destroyed the original. The similarities to G-Birkin mostly end here, however, as the G-Virus turns hosts of injection into separate species.

While G-Birkin's skin darkened somewhat, G-Curtis turned jet black. It lacked an extra set of arms, another claw, or a Lamprey mouth, but had a tail-like tentacle that could be manipulated with great dexterity. It's waist was extremely thin, and it's face possessed jowls. It retained enough memory to talk and resist hurting Angela, so like G-Birkin, the status of the original brain is unknown. The TRICELL corporation recovered a sample of it's corpse, which later aided in Uroboros development.


The RE5 DLC Lost in Nightmares features Blobs, creatures created by Spencer's butler Patrick while attempting to create an immortality virus in a desperate, last ditch attempt to avoid death after Alex Wesker betrayed him. Since Lisa Trevor was the earliest and one of the only successes in achieving immortality in virus hosts, and based on their appearance, it is my belief they were created using the prototype G discovered in Lisa. The further developed G-Virus could not be finished without Birkin, so Spencer "started from scratch" so to speak. This is supported by the fact LiN is based on RE3.5 content, which involved Spencer experimenting with the G-Virus at his castle. This would mean the prone zombie-like beings at the Spencer Estate might be primitive G-Zombies.
Blobs have faces totally enveloped by a large lamprey eel mouth, like G-Birkin. They have an eye growth on the back, and while tempting to compare it to Lisa, it actually greatly resembles a G-Adult Organism due to the large growth it is located on. These growths can squirt acid. They carry around anchors as weapons, recovered from a nearby harbor, and either escaped on their own or were directly or indirectly freed by Albert Wesker.

Unused G Concepts from RE3.5

The Devil May Cry version of RE4 was going to feature an assortment of G Creatures. It would appear most non-mammalian hosts of the G-Virus suffer mutations identical to T mutants.
Thanks Welsh.
"Undead Dog" (like the unused G-Dog from Outbreak, the Undead Dog possesses multiple heads, in addition to a new leg and many new eyes and even brains throughout the body)
"G Crow"
"G Leech"
Cat ("Witch")
Spencer would apparently have been a G Human, but since he's been around for over a hundred years in this version he may have been a Progenitor Human instead. He could even be both.
Mutant Spencer (note the similarities to G-3)
Twins engineered with the G-Virus
Marionettes were G-Zombies created by stitching together body parts then injecting them with G. The resulting creatures would move like their namesake. This concept was reused for Revenants in Rev2.
Plenty more to see here:

Biohazard 2 Remake

In the remake of RE2, the G-Virus operates in much the same way as in the original. However, certain details regarding G creatures have been altered.

During the G-1 stage of G-Birkin, his shoulder eye growth is capable of receding into his body. When it emerges, Birkin goes into a frenzy as a result of the G-Cells taking more full control (his voice also changes in this state). While not as noticeable, his eyelid is still three sided. The iris of his eye growth is reptilian-like, due to the Progenitor Virus.

G-2's new head is still dominant, but Birkin's original face is still animated and somewhat intact.

As G-3, Birkin's original face is still present as a patch of skin, despite his transformation into a full G creature being complete. Inside his lamprey eel mouth is a bundle of eye growths which are especially vulnerable to damage, perhaps due to their close proximity to vital organs such as the heart. All eye growths can no longer blink, but can be regrown if they are destroyed.

G-4 has been heavily altered. The extra set of arms have either been lost, or fused with the original arms to create larger limbs. While still relying on quadrupedal movements due to the size of his upper body, Birkin can still stand on two legs. His lamprey mouth still sports a lump of eye growths, although the rest of his body is devoid of them. Several limbs can be seen extending from his body due to devouring zombies, and large tentacles or intestines droop from his maw.

G-5 possesses a single gigantic eye in it's mouth. This establishes a link to Simmons' t-rex form, which is due to the C-Virus (which contains G). While most of it's body is hidden, it is covered in additional body parts.

During her infection with a G embryo, Sherry develops swollen black veins around her left eye.

The G-Adult body sometimes develops a fatty growth over it's eye growth. G-Adults without this growth may be younger. G-Adults now birth their young from a tentacle/tongue-like tube which extends from the mouth. The entire head of G Adult will peel back like a blooming flower to make room for this tube.
G-Young still resemble sperm, but now also possess around 7 eyes and a human mouth on their undersides. Like the Torpedo kid mutant, they will rapidly swim towards prey, then burst, covering targets in chemicals. According to a loading screen, the chemicals released by G-Young and vomited by G-Adults are bile. This bile is poisonous.

G-Birkin is much more active this time around, and creates around a dozen G-Adults. They appear to dwell in a sort of "G hive" in the Raccoon City sewer system. The purpose of this hive is open to interpretation, but it could be to protect developing Gs or related to reproduction somehow.
G-Birkin is capable of implanting embryos into Zombies.
It is outright stated that only children of the host can bond with it's embryos. Whether or not G-Curtis would have succeeded with Angela is unknown.
It is also stated that having a natural resistance to T does not protect from G. So the 10% of hosts immune to the early t-Virus are not safe from G.
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Was browsing through re wiki and saw someone mentioning this.

G-virus zombie footage, spit by birkin's final form.

Never knew this before. I'm guessing leon mentioning that he fought g-virus zombies in re6's files makes more sense now.

Still think pale heads should have been encountered in re2 remake's main story just like how they appear in re3 remake's main story. They could have become the " crimson heads " of re2 remake, just like how bloodshots are the " crimson heads " of re6 leon's campaign.
If Pale Heads are G-Zombies how did the G-Virus spread all the way to Nest 2? I thought it only infected others through oral infection. Birkin’s offspring were only in the sewers and had no means of spreading it.
If Pale Heads are G-Zombies how did the G-Virus spread all the way to Nest 2? I thought it only infected others through oral infection. Birkin’s offspring were only in the sewers and had no means of spreading it.
Maybe there were g-virus experiments in nest 2? I dont think the g-virus in re2 remake's sewers area could spread to that big amount of area. One of the files say some of the test subjects developed a mutation, granting them very high regrowth abilities. Though g-virus isnt mentioned in the re3 remake's files for a weird reason unlike re2 remake's files. ( orphanage and nest. )
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Maybe there were g-virus experiments in nest 2? I dont think the g-virus in re2 remake's sewers area could spread to that big amount of area. One of the files say some of the test subjects developed a mutation, granting them very high regrowth abilities. Though g-virus isnt mentioned in the re3 remake's files for a weird reason unlike re2 remake's files. ( orphanage and nest. )
I guess they were transported between both NEST’s before everything went to hell.
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