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Virus Virus Analysis 2.0

For a while now I've been adding on to and fixing up my Virus Analysis series. This new version is more complete, comprehensive, and clear. I don't have the time currently to repost it all, but instead here are some links to where you can read them, for now.

To those of you who don't know, Virus Analysis examines and explains every single monster, virus, and parasite in the series. It's a passion project I wrote last year, with information collected from any sources I can find, along with theories and explanations made by fellow fans over the years and my own thoughts. This new version currently excludes the Mold, as I am waiting for new information before rewriting the old one (although Yama has generously reuploaded it to this site anyway).

Any questions, comments, criticisms, problems, etc, can be posted in this thread. While I didn't include source links (if I did it would have taken far too long), everything can be backed up, and feel free to ask for it.

Virus Analysis I - Progenitor, t-Virus, G-Virus, t-Veronica.

Virus Analysis II - Uroboros, C-Virus, t-Abyss, t-Phobos.

Virus Analysis III - t+G, A-Virus, Kodoku, t-Howard.

Virus Analysis IV - Las Plagas.
Read the old Mold Analysis here:


I'd love to see these as actual threads again if you ever had the time, the new format and batch image uploading should make it fairly easy. I'd be willing to help if needed.
The updated t-Virus Analysis is now here at Biohaze:

I posted the three shortest ones left here:

Also here are links to the old ones Yama already brought over:

Between all of these, half of Virus Analysis is now readable at Biohaze. Most pictures are gone, but maybe I can find replacements. Putting up pictures for VA: Tyrant may be a chore though.
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Two more:

Another four:

All that's left is Las Plagas.
Las Plagas:

Every Analysis has now been moved to the new Biohaze, @Yama
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