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The following is a translation from SURVIVE MAGAZINE #15 - a canonical in-universe military magazine focusing on firearms. Sometime after the events of RE7, a journalist from Narita in Japan is given exclusive access to Blue Umbrella's Anti-Bioweapon Development Bureau after spotting Umbrella members holding unknown firearms in a grainy photograph from a mission. The following is the complete article from SURVIVE MAGAZINE #15 making up the 'Umbrella Corporation Special Report' focusing on the AWM02 - Thor's Hammer. A second feature from SURVIVE MAGAZINE #16 features the same journalist reporting on the Albert 01P - standard issue pistol of the Special Cases Disposal Team working for Umbrella made up of BSAA elite members.

Please enjoy.

1. Preface

First of all, I want to stress that I was greatly assisted by the people at Umbrella Co.’s PR department in the research for this article. If you live in Japan, then the dangerous impression of the previous Umbrella company will surely still stick in your mind. I am not completely clear about whether it was the former extravagance of the enterprise or because of some individuals' arbitrary actions, but after my work on this article, my own impression has definitely changed. Of course I don’t intend to say I now know everything after only this one article, but from the fact that they repeatedly used the phrase "proactive information disclosure" and that this article was planned at all, I felt strongly that the company I met was different from what I had imagined. It is a bit paradox to think back about the reason why things turned out this way, but I was reminded once more of that certain incident.

2. Encounter with THOR'S HAMMER

My encounter with THOR'S HAMMER was through a single military photograph. A member of Umbrella was grasping in his hand an assault rifle that I had never seen before. The picture was shot from a considerable distance, and probably showed the response to some kind of incident. So small you would miss it if you didn't look at the picture very closely, a troop member who was out of focus was holding a gun with a hand guard I had never seen before. At first I thought it was a non-official customized M4, but looking more closely, the size was uncommonly large. No, if this was an M4, it would be better to say it was huge. From the picture it wasn't even clear if this was a Key-mod or an M-LOK.

For a while after seeing the photograph, this riddle was stuck in my mind. Maybe my interest was just piqued by the fact that in this age of overflowing information there existed a gun that I couldn't find a single piece of information on. And then, an entirely unforeseen source provided the trigger for me to discover its identity.

3. BSAA Special Case Disposal Team

I received an email from an old writer acquaintance of mine. He was a gun writer living in America. The gist of his email was simply, "Are you interested in the Samurai Edge?" Yes, double yes, definitely yes!! No gun freak could not get excited when hearing that name. It was created in the 1990s. Even in the 21st century, everyone knew about the heroic role it played. A number of replica were produced in Japan as well, but probably only a handful of Japanese have had the chance to handle the real thing. (Rumours have it that only a certain Japanese maker took the measurements of the real thing. I tried to find out more from the PR department, but was met only with forced smiles.)

”If you’re interested, then let me know."

I had spent a long time in this industry, but even for a specialty writer, this kind of chance was rare.

"OK, when do I need to be in America? Tomorrow?"

I had tried to sound calm, but resistance was futile. My true feelings were shining through the joke.

"Calm down. I made a connection at Umbrella's PR department. A Japanese writer shouldn't put them on alert. Don't forget your guys' passports are the best IDs in the world. I'll contact you again to let you know if you can come."

Huh? Wait a minute, Umbrella? What was that supposed to mean? Wasn't this the same thing as going to Russia to collect information for a story about M4s? His explanation went like this. The Umbrella Co. that was reformed under the Corporate Rehabilitation Law dissolved their private military company USS out of moral obligation, and instead set up a department called the Special Case Disposal Team as a branch office at the BSAA. The team's purpose was to support the anti-bio terror unit of the UN, the BSAA. My research for this article would concern the equipment of the members on this special team. This article would be part of a campaign to eradicate their image as villains, and because my acquaintance believed that a visit by a clean Japanese would surely be welcome, he had contacted me. Of course, he also asked that I share the results of my research, but I immediately replied and sent my CV to America. At that time, probably because I was on cloud nine over the fieldwork for this article, the mystery of that other assault rifle completely vanished from my mind. Before my trip, I exchanged multiple emails with Umbrella Company. During that time, my family was enormously worried about me. Well, for anyone with common sense objecting was the right thing to do. They brought up the tragic incident that was the reason for their objections too many times to count. However, in the time running up to the trip, my mind became obsessed with this once in a lifetime event. For you see, this was research for an article about a legendary gun that was never taken off the premises. All new equipment would eventually be turned into mass products, or maybe I would be able to handle the original gun so I could described it properly... spending my days with such delusions, I laughed off the worries of my family and set out for America from Narita. If I had cancelled my trip then because of concerns, I would never have made the encounters I did, and so even a carefree personality is not without its worth.

4. Umbrella Company's Anti-Bioweapon Development Bureau

One month after that first email, I was on the other side of a door that had not previously been opened to let someone in. For security reasons I cannot disclose its location, but the building blended seamlessly into its surroundings, built there innocently and naturally. After arriving at a very ordinary reception and getting my ID, the person who would be my guide was waiting for me sitting on an ordinary sofa behind a set of glass sliding automatic doors. It seemed like any other company with nothing unusual going on. Bitter memories from my job hunting less than 20 years ago came flooding back.

Often old memories are not really good for anything. Others must have thought the look on my face rather stupid, as I was gritting my teeth from the bitter memories. And with that kind of face, I found myself in front of a slender blonde woman, whom I want you to imagine as rather beautiful.

"Um... Je...ju?"

No matter what era, the language barrier is always high. Japanese names are difficult to pronounce even if written in romanized Japanese.

"Don't worry, the people here call me Johnny."

My words made her give an embarrassed little laugh. Yes, definitely beautiful.

"Is it only me who has come to do some research this time?"

"Yes, and as it is the first time for us as well, we want to avoid misunderstandings as far as possible, and so would like to accompany you one-on-one. Your planned article will be the first press for us."

Wow! I was unexpectedly doing research for an article before anyone else!!

In the previous email correspondence, the detailed contents of my research had not actually been touched upon. I had agreed that the contents were highly confidential, but had also felt a bit worried. It was a good omen that I got a positive surprise in that regard.

"Our goal is not here. Let's get on our way to the lab."

For Americans, their attitude was very business-like. I was just thinking with regret that perhaps this was how large enterprises were like, when the young woman started to speak while walking. "The place we are going to show you now has very strict and high security. I am sorry, but we ask you to refrain from going anywhere without permission. This is a matter of life and death, so we insist on you following this rule." Even in my carefreeness, I understood perfectly at the time. The place I was heading to was the heart of the company that had eradicated an entire city. The elevator, defying my expectations and being absolutely ordinary, took us to the basement floor. The panel indicating our present location already did not show the number of floors. I am not allowed to write more than that. I might be carefree, but I am not a fool. But as I realized that I might be heading towards a terrible place, I suddenly grew pale. I don't know how far down we went, but I know it took a long time. When the elevator doors finally opened, “Authorised Persons Only” was written on the door in front of my eyes. This was a first-in-the-world scoop. This was the moment that all media throughout the world dreamed about, the moment in which until now unopened door opened. In these unexpected circumstances, the sensible me that I had been just now was kicked out, and the careless me that was excited about this first-in-the-world scoop took control over my head.

The agreement stated that I am not to write any details about what was inside the door or the structure of the building. People with good sense will keep to that agreement to earn trust, and as such I will only describe the things that happened in this room. Nonetheless, I can assure you that these encounters were a succession of extraordinary surprises.

"Shall we..." The young woman's unfinished sentence referred to the goal of my current research, the equipment Umbrella Company was developing. Why did I embark on this trip to gather information in the first place? The answers are this:

• I understood that Umbrella Company was actively pursuing the eradication of bioterror because they repented their past actions.

• Even though they were developing weapons, this was done under the management of BSAA and under safe operations.

• The majority of their technological knowledge was disclosed and was helpful in the treatment of various incurable diseases.

I had been wondering about why the military industry as a local industry was taking the lead on the research for this article, but it turned out that they were expecting the political tone in a specialized medium to be very low, that it would be effective in propagating the truth, and that we would properly report that their technologies were not dangerous. That's right, we geeks were extremely impartial in this regard. I was impressed with how well thought out it was. Every happening in the world has a meaning. I would realize the full meaning of this later.

5. Encounter with a miracle

"Let's show you the small arms that we developed then." I was led to a room and an elderly man came to greet me with a smile. He had a physique that was almost too good to be that of a researcher. However, I knew his smile and mannerisms, his massive hands and loud voice very well. He carried the same air around him as the gun smiths that we often interview for articles. I felt the nervousness that I had carried in some part of my heart suddenly disappear.

I won't say I knew what was coming, but right before his outstretched hands... a large assault rifle that conspicuously caught the eye... I had never seen it before, but I knew it already. Without thinking I gave a loud shout of surprise. Yes, enshrined on that table was the assault rifle from the picture that had troubled me so much. I was bewildered, and the elderly man and my two guides from PR exchanged suspicious glances. As I did not want to raise suspicions, I hurriedly explained the circumstances, and it appeared that they knew the picture in question. They were greatly impressed by how I had noticed the gun on such a picture. And then, another unexpected word slipped from the lips of the two.

"That's the picture of Chris, right?" Huh? What now?

"That retreating figure, that is Chris Redfield."

I am sure my voice faltered.

I don't remember what we talked about. That out-of-focus picture that I had found showed a legendary hero. Was such a coincidence possible? I felt a slight panic rising up inside my head.

“We had his team be the first to use these. The only people who know that the person in the picture is Chris are the employees here and you.”

Nowadays, people around the world can share all kinds of pictures, and information spreads throughout the world over night. And I had found one piece of information buried under this pile of dirt, and this had unexpectedly connected to reality. And what was more, it happened on this day in this place during the research for this article.

At times like these, even a realist like me starts to believe in the existence of god. I made an effort to calm down and bring myself back to the reality of my job here. Then I lowered my eyes to the assault rifle that the elderly man was pointing at. At first glance, it looked like it could have been a SCAR or an M4. But what was definitely different was its size. And the magwell that lay wide open created a strangely intense feeling. This was not a size like the 7.62 mm caliber that I had seen before. When I asked what caliber this was, the reply was something I had not imagined.

“It's a 12 gauge.”

That's right, this gun that I had assumed to be an assault rifle was really an assault shotgun. I almost accidentally hit my knee. Had such a militant shotgun ever existed before? But now that I knew the answer, I noticed how rational the purpose and design indeed were. Looking delighted at my excited expression, the elderly man slowly began to explain.

In progress...



Personalised Armament Management System: Arsenal System.

Umbrella, Inc. was able to quickly register individual armaments managed by the company, and was able to streamline the construction of equipment when carrying out their own duties. In addition, in the database, data of rare armament can also be referred. We recommend that you browse the information to help build your equipment.


2017 – July:
Ethan Winters destroys Evelyn whilst protected by Chris Redfield. The "Samurai Edge <Albert. W. Model 01>” contributed to her defeat.

2016 – Nov: A large-scale ‘20th Anniversary Party’ is held. Although details remain unknown, we have received information that the ‘Samurai Edge Special Colour’ was distributed to several people at this party.

2013 – June: A bio-terrorism incident occurred at Tall Oaks, and Leon S. Kennedy, who was associated with the President, was involved. Following the incident, combat data on the ‘Sentinel Nine’ was collected by Leon.

2011 – BSAA advisor Barry Burton travels alone to a solitary island to find his lost daughter, Moira. His chosen partner to fight the toughest battles on this island is the “Samurai Edge Barry Model Ver.II”

2005 – Queen Zenobia Incident. Following the disappearance of Chris, Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani are dispatched to the luxury cruise liner Queen Zenobia to search.

1998 – December: Rockfort Island Incident. Chris Redfield and Claire Redfield are reunited at the Antarctic base and work together to defeat Alexia Ashford. It has been confirmed that Steve Burnside, who accompanied Claire, used a ‘Gold Luger’.

1998 – October: Raccoon Incident. Jill, who defeated the Nemesis T-Type, escapes Raccoon City alongside U.B.C.S. member Carlos Oliveria. The weapon that Jill used to escape from Raccoon City is said to be "M92FC / S.E.01 Jill Valentine's Model"

1998 – September: Raccoon Incident. Leon and Claire escape Raccoon City with Sherry, daughter of Umbrella researcher William Birkin. The U.S. Military intervenes and martial law is implemented across the city. It has been reported that Leon, who was assigned to the Racoon Police Department, locally procured a high-powered “Desert Eagle. 50AE” magnum which was instrumental in his survival.

1998 – July: Mansion Incident. Explosion the Arklay Laboratory and mansion destroyed by the virus. Albert Wesker escaped from the laboratory just before the self-destruct. Four STARS Alpha Team members and one from Bravo Team survived. Arklay Laboratory is destroyed. Wesker, who participated in the incident, used "M92FC/S.E.06 Albert Wesker Model", Barry "M92FC/S.E.03 Barry Burton model" and Chris "M92FC/S.E.02 Chris Redfield Model"

Ecliptic Express incident. STARS Bravo Team landed in the Arklay Mountains following engine trouble and investigated Umbrella’s Ecliptic Express and former Executive Training Centre. Umbrella’s Executive Training Centre was destroyed following the battle. Captain Enrico Marini, and other Bravo Team members including Rebecca Chambers, employed the “Samurai Edge Standard” as standard-issue.

The strongest Anti-B.O.W. unit founded through investment from around the world.

The BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance), the anti-bioterrorism special unit with branches around the world, was founded in 2003 in response to social unrest caused by the revelation of the danger of bioterrorism (terrorism using bacteria, viruses, and genetically modified organisms) as a result of the large scale biohazards created by the Umbrella Corporation. The anxiety caused by bioterrorism was directed toward the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies, which ended up becoming the cause of the incidents. Having been forced to bear the moral responsibility for the development of biological weapons, the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies invested heavily in order to make up for lost ground and established an organization specializing in biological disasters. It is said that this organization was the basis for the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance). In its early stages after being founded, it was criticized for activities that prioritized protecting the company's profits and having excessive armaments, but it later came to be managed and integrated by the United Nations, significantly enhancing its philosophy itself. Because it can be instantly deployed for urgent humanitarian rescue activities with a United Nations resolution being made after the fact, it possesses rights to take action beyond the law, based on agreements between each nation's government. Due to the fact that a majority of the budget for its establishment came from the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies, among other factors, there are some criticisms that its purpose is to manage accidents caused by companies that invested in it. At the moment, its scale exceeds that of the S.A.S. in the United Kingdom, and it is the largest organization among departments uniquely managed by the United Nations.

Most of the members of the S.O.U. (Special Operations Unit), which is the action unit within the BSAA, have transferred from the military or law enforcement agencies, while it also includes former private soldiers and researchers. Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, and Barry Burton, who are famous for their accomplishments during the Raccoon City Incident, are also members, demonstrating how wide-ranging its membership is. In addition, there is also a team formed of members who are highly skilled in certain aspects. As it is called the Original Eleven, it implicitly acknowledges that its members have special rights.

The actions of members are restricted by their level of 1-10, and members of the S.O.U. which actually engages in combat, have the rights for levels above 4. Members are expected to demonstrate high proficiency in mastering shooting and classical martial arts, as well as techniques for operating special weapons.

Because they have many opportunities to be involved in maintenance of public peace and expulsion compared to the militaries of various countries around the world and have an exceptionally high amount of combat experience, their capabilities in war are also highly rated by special unit members from various countries. During the plan to eradicate drug cartels in Central and South America Drug Cartel Eradication (exposing genetically modified drugs), which was conducted jointly with the US DEA (United States Drug Enforcement Agency), multiple DEA members who participated mentioned that, "Humans cannot stand a chance against them." This anecdote instantly spread their capabilities around the world. However, there is a theory stating that the aforementioned Original Eleven was involved in this project.

Although its equipment had not been disclosed, it has seen an increase in opportunities for activity in recent years, resulting in more attention for its specialty, as its existence becomes clearer each time photographed images are revealed. It is unclear whether or not the purpose of this was to avoid criticism that it is a secret organization, but the primary and secondary weapons of the S.O.U. were covered in a recent issue of SURVIVE MAGAZINE. As demonstrated by the fact that its specially developed armament has become public, its PR activities are also becoming more active.

However, its enormous costs for activity frequently become an issue. It continues to receive public backlash, as the fact that the re-established New Umbrella (not registered in the Federation) was included in the list of investors submitted to a public hearing in the British parliament was widely covered by media agencies around the world. As of 2018, in order to cooperate with B.O.W. eradication activities carried out by New Umbrella, a portion of the unit is said to be seconded and contributing to bioterrorism deterrence and handling special projects. But there is a lot of doubt and many voices are questioning these activities.

In progress...
Fantastic. This is truly a treasure trove.

So, at the risk of sounding like "that guy", I'll point out a couple of details people keep telling me I'm wrong about on this site, which this only supports:

1. The FPC uses the BSAA to cover it's tracks, and this seems related to the rise of BU (they are even among it's investors!).

2. Nothing has been contradicted regarding how the public views Umbrella. This article makes it clear the Umbrella name is widely reviled, as established with Neo Umbrella. It's only recently that it has begun winning people over with guns that help BSAA and data for medical treatments that treat incurable diseases.

3. The full extent of Red Umbrella's corruption is unknown to the public. It was seen as the result of either the company's former "extravagance in it's enterprises" or due to the "arbitrary actions of individuals". The blame is shifted towards the minority in the company, like corrupt executives.

Lots of other fascinating info too, like the DEA thing or Chris Redfield being a known figure. This is invaluable in that it actually gives us the perspective of a citizen in the RE world.
Since I can't deny my feelings of excitement made it into my words last time, this time I covered it in a rather calm manner, feeling the pressure of your expectations.
From #16. He wasn't kidding. Bit of a difference in the writing style between these pamphlets.
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