The Matrix Franchise

I just find it hard to believe how good this trailer is:

Really enjoyed it!

People in Russia usually love the entire trilogy, so it was a big surprise for me when I found out that many of the Western audience do not like the second and third films.

By the way, I highly recommend The Animatrix, if someone did not watch, and News Bot also recommended this:

Has anyone played Enter the Matrix?

An incredibly clunky game, but I really enjoyed it, lol. I have a lot of good memories with it.

The most fun part is the battle with the agents. In general, there is no purpose to fight with them, because they are only immortal pursuers. Besides their immortality, they also have a physical advantage over you. But that's what made the battles with them fun, because I felt like Neo who "started to believe", ha-ha! And imagine my surprise when I actually managed to kill one of them! It was during my school years, so I wasn't a great player then, but I managed to throw one off the roof, and he died. It felt like an achievement, so I didn't stop fighting them and found new ways to defeat them.

Also, Path of Neo is a very fun game. I even found a Russian licensed copy a few years ago and bought it for the collection.

Actually, I even got acquainted with the series through these games, and only then I rented VHS cassettes with movies.
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