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OT Games The Evil Within | Psycho Break

I'd like to take this oppotunity to say I loved Ruvik. Sure, on paper he's totally cliche and unoriginal, but the actual exection was great. Jackie Earl Haley (I think that's his name, he played Freddy Kreuger in the Nightmare on Elm Street remake) did a fantastic job as VA, and he was that sort of calm, composed, and intelligent, yet unapologetically evil character I like, like Albert Wesker or Hannibal Lecter.

His secret note in the Consequence said he wanted to blur the lines between reality and STEM, which the ending to the main game hints at. I hope a future story gets really existential with it.

He even compares his influence to a virus, which spreads through eye contact. This "infection" has already got Sebastian and the Administrator - for all we know, TEW2 could have been a part of his plan, with that Mobius Super STEM built then sabotaged for his own goals.
@Evil Resident This is seem forgotten or overlooked but there is also the cult story that involved Ruvik's Father, Kidman's Parents, and Father Theodore who are all seem connected to and both games are building that cult as possible main menace in the future as well.
Yeah, the cult always perplexed me, especially the twins and Sentinal, which were said to be experiments performed by the cult using a serum (health serum?). But they are STEM creatures, and unlike all other enemies don't represent anything. Are they memories of experiments in the real world? And if so, does that mean BOW-like mutants exist in TEW? Why?

Also, it was noted the enemies and architecture from that part of the game looked like they were midevil, and a Haunted file said some of them couldn't possibly have been STEM test subjects. Although Kidman was raised in that area and recognised it, so it could be an isolated, primitive cult controlled area. In a newspaper it said mummies were uncovered from the church, so MOBIUS or Rivik could have stolen some, taken their brains, and extracted their contents.

Since Theodore recruited people for STEM, and since Mobius has been around for a while, maybe the cult and MOBIUS are actually the same? Kidman's recruitment, those cemetary experiments and the prevelancy of the cult symbol in STEM could be due to this?

Either way, TEW3 should definately explore the cult, along with their role in both 1 and 2.
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