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OT Games The Evil Within | Psycho Break


Anyone have news on TEW2 sales? It didn't look particularly good a while ago, but some were optimistic about that changing.

Any theories and/or desires about where the series would /should go? I'd say a third game involving Ruvik and Joseph is a must.
the sales weren't too hot upon its launch buddy.

I remember figures it launched with only a quarter of the sales figures of the original.

but then again, I remember being the one telling you not to worry back then - lol!

gaming has changed a lot between the two titles though, digital sales are the way forward it seems, so it may have pulled in a lot of numbers like that.

I couldn't find anything recent online, but honestly, I'm surprised we got a second game even.

It was later revealed that Tango started working on 2 right after the first game launched.

so that's already a different animal there, looks like it was somewhat pre-planned before even looking at the bigger picture (total sales etc.).

I think Outlast (the first one) was quite successful but horror games (even horror/action hybrid) aside from RE don't seem to see too hot these days.

At the very least we have two great, great horror titles in both EW 1 and 2 and we can be thankful for that.
Robyn, while MOBIUS is gone, Ruvik is still out there, and according to the first game's DLC, he plans on blurring the lines between his STEM world and reality, so the series could continue without resorting to prequels. Especially considering the post credit scene for TEW2.
Well, apparently an insider at ResetEra claims that TEW3 is in development, guess we'll wait and see.

Wonder if they'll announce an expansion for TEW2 at E3 though

i hope so Rikitatsu btw im ghostcall20 from tew forums.
What kind of DLC would you guys like to see? The main game from the perspective of Torres? A continuation of the post credit scene? Another adventure letting us play as a monster (the Executioner 2, essentially)? Or something entirely different? Maybe a flashback scenerio of Kidman telling Sebastian what happened to Joseph?
I was and still am a big fan of the original despite its flaws (thankfully I can play it at 4K 60fps now). But I really couldn't get into the second game for a number of reasons; the major one being the pacing thanks to the pseudo open world set up. The imperfect but weird story of the original had its charm and mystery right to the end but the second game felt like, for a the lack of a better simile, a westernized take of Japanese horror.

I've yet to replay the game after finishing it once. It had its moments but nothing that pulls me back to it.
Pacing was definately TEW2's weakest point, and I could rarely get a feel for how far ahead the end was.

Although I thought the open world areas worked well enough.


It's my turn now, Bitch!
Hmm... I thought the pacing was good until you killed Stefano. Theodore was kind meh, imo.

But I was surprised how well the open-world/horror worked. I do hope for another TEW in the future as there still many unresolved questions...
@N7Valentine , Funny, I had the opposite reaction to Steph and Ted. I think the serial killer artist idea is great, like Sander Cohen from Bioshock, but Stephano never struck me as particularly menacing. Theodore, on the other hand, had stages filled with dark atmosphere, and his VA was really menacing.
this game was a masterpiece in story telling imo.

the gameplay wasn't as tight as the first game true but still.

how expertly were those scenes cut together between Juli and Sebastian in the last moments of that game, wow just wow.

as much as I'd love a sequel I think 2 wrapped things up beautifully minus STEM coming back online the very last second before the credits.

some of the tracks in the game sounded eerily close to and lifted off of REmake.

I really LOVE this fuckin track though soooo much its like victorious and sad at the same time.

fuck its awesome.
as much as I'd love a sequel I think 2 wrapped things up beautifully minus STEM coming back online the very last second before the credits.
It wrapped up Sebastian's and Mobius' story, but not Ruvik. That's a huge plot point left open from TEW1. Plus, Joseph's fate.

I agree about the last segment of TEW2 being superb.
yeah - I don't think they will follow up on Leslie Withers and Ruvik in his mind now etc.

I hear ya though.

Joseph died in STEM which means you KO in real life.
He didn't die. It was hinted he survived in TEW1 (his body is missing in the ending and his heart can be heard beating in Kidman's story), and when viewing the finale slide in TEW2, Kidman tells Sebation he's still alive. Skip the first three minutes:

TEW2 was very careful to avoid anything relating to Ruvik surviving. Maybe they saved it for TEW3, and didn't want to spoil that twist from the first game for newcomers? As for if Bethesda and Tango greenlight another game though, we can only hope. Even if it's a budget title, that's good enough for me.
Yeah there is still Ruvik/ Leslie on the loose not to mention Ruvik is the one who invented Stem in first place he would likely create a new Stem and Joseph could be the main protagonist in third game (i hope so). Seb's and Kidman story have been wrapped up unless Myra will come back as villain again as hinted with ending since her consciousness is still stuck in Stem.
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