The 4 Main RE characters

Captain Redfield

The man who killed Albert Wesker
1- Chris. Don't need to say much lol

2- Claire. I've realized she's without a doubt my second favorite character in the entire series, I LOVE RE2 and CODE Veronica, Revelations 2 became one of my top 5 games in the series in the blink of an eye... Claire is my second favorite by a long shot;

3- Albert Wesker. He's an interesting character and very important to the story overall, when there was Wesker vs Chris it was always guaranteed a good script;

4- Jill. Don't get me wrong, as a kid and considering she was the second character I've ever controlled made Jill my second favorite character... That kind of changed recently, this might upset some people but screw it, might as well be honest.
Jill is still a good character and she isn't boring like some people say but literally the only game that made her stand out to me was RE3 and that was about it, in RE1 she shares the game with Chris, in RE5 she's a secondary character (although with some great development, PJL was out of this world and her chemistry with Chris was fantastic) but then Revelations came and Jill unfortunately was one of the worst character depictions in the entire series to me, a huge let down :(
Also for some weird reason when discussing RE1 canon there's a few people who only consider Jill the canon scenario like Chris doesn't even exist. I've seen people saying that Chris never got into the Mansion from the front door with Wesker and Jill and that he was imprisoned until the end of the game... Like wtf? lol
Why would Wesker hold a grudge against Chris when all he did was being imprisoned? haha
"You destroyed my plans..."
- Wesker in CODE Veronica

If Chris never destroyed the Tyrant in the first place that totally makes his rivalry with Wesker nonsense... Not to mention that in Jill's scenario Wesker never gets impaled by the Tyrant and is instead slapped by it and shot by Barry and we all know that didn't happen. In my own RE1 canon I give 50 to Chris and 50 to Jill but the lab part only makes sense if you're playing as Chris or at least pretend that both characters fought the final boss for the sake of continuity.
Recently some fans of the character have become extremelly pushy, never experienced that side of them but made me grow tired of some them and truly see that Jill ain't nothing special on her own. Sorry for my straight forward opinion and change of stance towards the character, still don't think she's boring like some people claim but she definitely ain't no better than the 3 I've pointed above.

Not to mention that she can sometimes be dull "I really hope this new bio-weapon is just a rumour..." Like what? After all this time you still believe in rumours? lol

4- Leon. Leon has been growing on me over this time, he's had some interesting experiences and adventures and I like the fact he went from zero to hero (rookie cop to trained government agent) but sadly Leon is in a situation where all they do is keep him in the same way instead of providing actual development that carries his character forward.

I hope this doesn't offend anyone, just something I've been wanting to get off my chest ever since the Remake 3 rumours. I'd say 80% of Jill fans became toxic for no reason whatsoever... Quite sad actually.
I'm a huge fan of RE2 and Code Veronica so my favourite character must be Claire.
The others are equal 2nd.
I don't think there is a "main character" for the series, they all share the spotlight every now and then if there was one character with the biggest influence throughout the vast majority of the series entries I would say Albert Wesker is that character.

Chris could possibly take that spot now that Wesker is dead but the fact Capcom brought Jake Muller into the series with 6, and RE 7 still cared to include HCF and a weapon named after Wesker highlight how much of an effort they will go to make Wesker influence still be felt.

As for favorite characters, its difficult for me to put then in a good order. I always enjoyed RE 1 Jill's scenario more than Chris' (because i really like the Barry subplot and how It shows how Wesker's is such a bastard). But RE 1 also makes clear Chris' path is harder since they even show in his best ending the screenshot "what a tough guy!".
I think Chris and Claire usually are the stars of the coolest RE games but Leon got a huge fanbase for those fans who started to follow RE with RE 4 - but i was a big fan of rookie cop Leon from RE 2 and didn't enjoy Leon so much after his transformation into secret agent Leon that can't stop cracking jokes...

He became the typical blunt action hero from Hollywood movies. I guess even Chris could initially fall into the same category but with RE 5 and RE 6 Chris seemed to really mature after suffering with the loss of Jill during RE 5 and also 6 when he lost most of his team... So It was different because he felt responsible for all that and had to strenghten himself physically and spiritually to overcome the challenges. Meanwhile i feel Leon and Ada subplots were never good enough in order to see them mature or become really interesting characters.

That's why i prefer Barry/Jill/Chris/Claire.
As for Wesker, i feel that RE 5 was satisfying for killing him but... I didn't enjoy much the way they turned Spencer's plans into Weskers, its like they completely disregarded 4 when Krauser made clear Wesker wanted to resurrect Umbrella (still maybe this New Umbrella we see in RE 7 could have been a part of Wesker's plans all along, so...)
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I'd say there are 6 main characters (Chris, Jill, Leon, Claire, Ada, Wesker) due to their number of appearances. You get to play as Ada in almost every game she's in. Wesker is my favorite of the bunch, but after that I don't know.
1: Claire. The most normal of all the main 4, but she's still a bad@$$!. And she has an interesting maternal side.
2: Jill. Maybe i'm biased (i love RE3) but to me she's the most relatable of the "soldiers".
3: Leon. Yeah he can be cheesy, but i got to admit he's pretty cool. Just a bit too op.
4: Chris. Speaking of op!. Steroid man's not bad, it's just hard to be scared when you can punch people into mist.
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I think Leon is used too much now, and nothing with him in it has that many horror vibes anymore. He's just that guy that shows up in just about every sequel, and animated movie. Yawn! 🥴

Any media that includes Claire has never disappointed me, and Chris and Jill have to be the best duo in any survival horror title. They have been the heart and soul of the franchise since the series started way back in 1996. 🧟‍♂️



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You can tell a lot about a person by how they rank their Resident Evil protagonists throughout the main series..

1. Chris
2. Jill
3. Claire
4. Ethan
5. Leon
6. Jake


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HUNK is not a main character and will forever be in minigame/cameo status. He is the Boba Fett of Resident Evil.

Ethan Winters is the real OG. You see him talk that cop into giving him a knife?
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