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OT Terminator: Dark Fate

It hits UK cinemas in November.

Who's a Terminator fan?

I watched the first film tonight, but I wasn't impressed with the new soundtrack. The mono original is way better. When Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor are getting chased near the end, the music doesn't sound right. I heard the MGM remasters were not that good.

This is the best scene...



The Artist Formerly Known As Mr. $miley
Revisiting the films again and I cannot think of a series that's more creatively bankrupt.

I was excited for Dark Fate because of Linda Hamilton, and she's probably the only reason why I'll even check it out in theaters. But the trailer looked terrible which surprised me since this has Cameron as a producer, Tim Miller from the stellar 'Deadpool' as director, The Dark Knight's David Goyer involved with the writing, and rising sci-fi star Mackenzie Davis. Where did it go wrong?

As an aside, imagine what a movie centered around the actual war with the machines would be like? Less like how it was in Salvation and more like its portrayal in T1/T2.

Arnie and Sly are the best action stars, no doubt, but I think they are way too old now for reprising their biggest roles. Plus, everything is always made with CGI nowadays, with bad acting and often a PG feel to it. Dd anybody watch the TV series about Sarah Connor?
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