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OT Games Survival horror inspired web series...

My mate and I haven't filmed any more episodes in over a year, but we are actively developing a fifth part about "Valtiel" returning. :devilish:

In the series, I play a filming enthusiast keen on learning about a house in a place called Dulvey. We end up dying and are stuck in the house. We have evil twins that bother us, and then I get told of a witchcraft book, as my friend hid the fact he knew about this stuff already.

In the end, we face off against an evil clown, a master demon, and a cat. It's quite hilarious. The other episodes are on my IMDb page.

It would obviously make sense to view them in order, but the fourth one is the longest (and best) part.

There's a lot of Scottish slang words in this, unfortunately, so it may be hard to know what we are saying sometimes. But shit like, 'I dinnae ken' basically means that... you don't know.

Select the 1080 HD option.

In the next one, we will fight Valtiel again, and also find other monsters like a werewolf and a vampire.
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