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Resistance Suggestion Masterminds,BOWs,and Survivors.

Project Resistance announcement I was hoping that Capcom to add more Tyrants to be Playable from other resident evil games.

Seems from Kawada interview they adding more B.O.W for this game along with new Masterminds and new survivors. This Thread is about discussion and Suggestions and ideas which BOW, Mastermind, and survivors you wanted to be added to the game. (Both existing and new ones) even discussion new weapons.
Alex Wesker would be cool. I mean she is the "Overseer", and pretty much already did this to Claire and Moira.
Her signature Bioweapon could be either Tyrant Neil, or Mutant Pedro.
I think Wesker with the T-002 Tyrant is a pretty obvious one, same for Annette with G1. Other than that, Eveline/Lucas with Jack would be cool. Nemesis also seems like a given but I'm not sure if Nicholai would make the most sense as his Mastermind but I guess there's not many other people to choose from for Nemesis.


September 28th, daylight...
Oh, i've totally missed this thread since i jumped into the original "suggestions" one from even before, but i'll share my potential candidates since it's very appropriate here as well...

RE1: Wesker as a Mastermind, Tyrant as his monster.

RE2: Annette Birkin as a Mastermind, G1 as her monster (G1-3 are valid here).

RE3: Nicholai as a Mastermind, Nemesis as his monster.

Code Veronica: Alfred as a Mastermind, Nosferatu as his monster (could be mutated Alexia, but i think she's too strong).

RE4: Saddler as a Mastermind, Bitores Mendez as his monster.

RE5: ??? as a Mastermind, ??? as their monster (maybe Irving as the Mastermind? Tho i'm not sure about the monster at all).

RE6: ??? as a Mastermind, ??? as their monster (Mastermind could go either to Simmons or Carla, but again, not sure about the monster).

RE7: Lucas Baker as a Mastermind, Jack as his monster.
5 could have Excella as the mastermind with Uroboros Mkono as the monster.

I'd pair Sergei with Talos personally.

Leech Marcus with the Proto Tyrant

If Lucas was put in there, it'd make more sense for his monster to be Mama Molded as his shtick was about making the white molded in NaH.
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