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Other Spinoffs: Best to Worst

How would you rank all spinoffs from most to least favourite? You can post tiermaker images for easier ranking if needed.

1. Darkside chronicles
2. Umbrella chronicles
3. Outbreak file 2
4. Outbreak
5. Dead aim
6. Survivor
7. Survivor 2
8. Gaiden
9. Reorc
10. Umbrella corps
1) Outbreak 2
2) Outbreak
3) Umbrella Chronicles
4) Dead Aim
5) Survivor
6) Darkside Chronicles
7) Operation Raccoon City
8) UCorps
9) Gaiden

Everything after 3rd place starts to enter the terrible realm for me. Never played Survivor 2, and from everything I have seen and heard of it; it’s just a lite version of CV with Nemesis.
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