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RE:1 So RE1 may be getting remade again...

❤️ I've enjoyed all the remakes thus far and it will be interesting to get a modern remake of the original if it happens.
My only concern is that it's quite a short game even with the additions of the first remake, particularly with the faster navigation of the modern camera and controls.
I'm glad you can be more optimistic than me and Mert.

I don't think they can cut too many bosses. They all play crucial plot twists in the game. They may even finally provide players with the proper ending where Rebecca and Barry feature in the same ending - if we are lucky. But considering what's not in 2 and 3, I ain't feeling confident Capcom will remember to do this.
So lately, I found myself with no money. I only intended to sell off RE5 and over. A shop called CeX wouldn't accept 7 as the disc is scratched. But yesterday, I had to sell the original RE2 and 3 on the GameCube, and some other games.

While I feel bad about doing this, I could get the games again on the PS Network, as they don't cost too much. But they are only on sale on the PS3 as they are of course counted as being retro by today's standards.
This would be one of those rare instances where I wouldn’t mind them retconning RE0 and just combining it into an RE:1 where the game can be greatly expanded upon and have more areas to explore in the Arklay Mountains. This can serve to make the plots of both games flow much better together. One of my favorite scenarios from Oubreak games was Flashback, so seeing more areas like that where we get to explore would be a real treat. This would be the perfect opportunity to explore more of Alpha and especially Bravo team on their activities and relationships with the main cast.

Of course it’s easy to be cynical of remakes but with Capcom they can be hit or miss with a lot of their games. RE:4 was something no one expected to be good and rival the original so we will have to wait and see what they have in store for us next.
A few insiders don't seem to be so sure it's in development.

Personally, I think it will bomb. But I do like Rip's suggestion of elements to RE0 being incorporated. I am not sure how it would work, as Rebecca and Billy's adventure was fairly lengthy.

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