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OT Games Silent Hill

I really hope this is all true, indie developers have been desperately trying to fill the void left behind by SH’s absence. We are long overdue for a resurgence for a AAA psychological horror experience.
I'm still skeptical, but the decision to make a remake seems pretty reasonable.

As far as I remember the situation, Konami have some problems with the source codes, and the last attempt to update titles for the seventh generation of consoles ended in disaster, because the developers were given raw builds to work with.

Based on this, it's really easier to make a frame-by-frame remake than kicking a corpse.
I am grateful if Konami wants to even revisit the dormant franchise at all. But I think I would rather see a new storyline. Maybe another guy with an amnesia like ailment has a missing wife, or a sibling, or a pet. Maybe the owner of the Shiba Inu is in Silent Hill, looking for the dog's whereabouts. :p
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