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General Shotaro Suga

Does anyone know interviews about him? I would like to know his thoughts on the entries that he worked on a writer. Just any comment or opinion mentioned by him would work.
I find suga's fate the most tragic from all capcom devs and writers that worked on resident evil series. Nothing is known about him and he didnt seem to comment on any entry that he worked on as a writer. There doesnt seem to be any interview about re6 that he talks about the game after the release of it either.

At least sugimura commented during some interviews and he worked on more entries as a writer than suga.

Sugimura worked on re2, survivor, biohazard 4d executer, recv, re0 and dead aim.

While suga worked on degeneration, darkside chronicles, re6 and damnation.

Both writers' cases are tragic but suga's is so much worse.

The mainline entry he worked on received so much disgusting hate that ı considered suspicions about him dying due to some kind of a depression or something. Did he even know that re6 received so much blinded hate from toxic people? I dont see anyone on internet mentioning him that much. Without being aware of it, they are pretty much insulting suga by attacking re6 and its story with their obnoxious nitpicks.

A shame. I hope capcom wont lose more important devs like that. Idk how much the franchise can continue if these cases keep happening...

So ı found these interviews. In these, shotaro suga talks about them along with others. He's the one who added " carry on " dialogue to damnation which he mentions.
So this is probably the best place to say this but ı want to say that ı really like the way leon and ada are written in re6. One of the key aspects that ı really love is campaign connection sections. And in re6; leon and ada work together during gameplay and help each other. This happens multiple times during the story. I love this a lot and it's very emotional imo. This felt like an improvement from re2, there at certain section in story, leon and ada are together and they help each other during gameplay. It's very small but ı still like it. I dislike how nothing like this happens in re2 2019, so much for cutting after all.

But anyway ı also dont like the way leon and ada are utilized in re4. I dont think they were given that much justice in that either. Again there's no point in the story where leon and ada work together to defeat enemies during gameplay. I know there's a cutscene you can trigger after mendez catches leon, he ambushes him and ada saves him. I like this but at the same time, you dont have to trigger this in leon's story. It's missable. It's an odd choice, especially when considering that it happens regardless in separate ways. What's more annoying is ada gets captured by ganados shortly after.

I still cant believe that re6 is criticised a lot more than re4 like why? I still dont understand and ı gave up trying to make sense of it at this point. I find re4 really lacking these days, to the point that it's hard for me to call it a good game.

" Re4 is a masterpiece, re6 is garbage! " What the hell? The opposite makes more sense if anything.

To sum this up, ı think suga did a lot of justice with his writing on re6. I really admire him, he's my favourite writer. He's a legend just like iwao, sugimura, kawamura and many more devs that people usually dont give enough credit for in favor of overpraising mikami.

Also this scene is great and very emotional.

I found this. When ı saw it; my mind immediately went to re6.

I guess suga was a big fan of sugimura and wanted to expand on his ideas as much as he could. I'm sure he would know this as well.

This idea of sugimura also sounds much more interesting than umbrella chronicles which is quite underwhelming to say the least. It didnt even need to exist. They are taking that game way too seriously for re engine. The entire re engine entries feels like simulation experiments as a tie up to umbrella chronicles as well as umbrella corps.

I would have preferred sugimura's revolutionary script to not get altered with x version's additions. Same thing with wesker's report 1. It effects re4 and especially re5 quite badly. It's a good thing re6 didnt revive wesker; ı cant stand to wesker anymore. But ı know it will happen. If wesker was concluded in recv; even better, if jill could have appeared there through some means, then the series could have reached to a proper conclusion. I know that they planned to make her blonde early on but she seems to be cut from the game. Basically chris and jill defeating wesker there or tricking alexia to kill wesker through some means.

He should have been killed in recv. Alexia should have just picked him up and burned him alive like her instant kill grab during gameplay. Then in 2002; leon along with ada's and krauser's help should have taken down wxc along with their hcf unit. Krauser wouldnt become evil this way. Bioterrorism would still happen after umbrella's destruction due to viruses spreading through black market and ı feel that it could have been possible for the series to be concluded in re6. It would also make claire and jill's appearances there more possible.
Today damnation was released. Happy birthday resident evil damnation! I watched it today for another time and it's still my favourite cgi film. Really love suga's writing style for it as well as darkside chronicles and re6.
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