Rumor: RE:3 2020?

Captain Redfield

The man who killed Albert Wesker
The Outbreaks only need a Remaster, keeping everything intact. The appeal of those games lie on the 10/10 graphics for the PS2 era and style of gameplay.
I think it would take a miracle to get a game like that from the present-day Capcom, even if they have somewhat improved. There hasn't been a decent side story game since bread became sliced, and I want them to try to move past 1998 after the remakes are over with. They could easily develop another spin off and have it taken place outside of Raccoon City. But they seem content to revisit that era over and over again, as if that's all they can hold onto.

I think, now that you mention it, the last decent spin off was Outbreak. That was 15 years ago, unfortunately. My interest now lays mostly with sequels or side story games with a bigger budget.
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