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Revelations Revelations Thread

I might as well ask my question about raymond and jessica here.

Do you think they should be considered as villains or not? I used to consider them villains without looking back however at the same time; ı considered ada as a hero despite her questionable nature so ı'm wondering if those 2 can be looked in the same way.

They seem to be spies for tricell but not much background info is given about them. While for ada; ı remember people considering her a villain just cause she worked for wesker and simmons even though she betrayed them and she never used a virus to infect anyone. She didnt know about simmons' obsession with her either so it's not her fault that simmons was a sickening person.
I'd say Jessica is definately a villain, while Raymond is more neutral. Like Ada, he does good acts, but he still helps the villains, making the two of them more neutral (By this I mean they don't exclusively side with one or the other, not that they don't get involved with either side) third parties.
So ı played rerev again after a long while. I want to say that ı enjoyed it a bit more than ı was remembering. I enjoyed jill's gameplay sections but ı wasnt a fan of other characters' sections since their loadout is fixed and you cant use upgrades or unlockables for them. I also wished that playing the story with 2nd characters ( parker or chris instead of jill, jessica instead of chris or parker and quint instead of keith ) was possible. It seems to be designed around raid mode more than the story itself since it has more playable characters with new melee attacks as well as weapons. I dont think they should have switched the characters at certain points but rather make separate campaigns like in re6 and rerev2 so that the characters would get their own scenarios and you would be able to play as them at those. You also cant select chapters so ı dont think playing it canonically isnt possible.

As for story; ı like the background lore but characters arent as interesting.

After thinking about it; this is also how ı would rank the characters:

Chris > Keith = Quint > Parker > O'Brian > Norman > Raymond > Jessica > Jill > Lansdale >>>>> Rachel

Chris is my favourite character in the game. I like that he's voiced by roger craig smith like he was in re5 and darkside chronicles. His quotes are pretty good imo.

Keith and quint are really entertaining and ı think from non-jill sections; ı enjoyed their sections the most. They are my favourite new characters in the game and ı personally would like to see them in future.

Parker is alright and ı like his terragrigia flashbacks. I find him more interesting than jill tbh. I'm glad he came back in heavenly island.

O'brian is also decent and ı found his plan, despite being reckless, interesting too. I also like the epilogue where he retired after his actions and became an advisor. I like the reference to him in re7 too.

Norman ı used to not care much about but after thinking about it; ı found him a tragic villain and ı really like his mutant form at the end. The boss fight is pretty good imo. I still wished he got more screentime though.

Raymond isnt as interesting as o'brian but ı still like his terragrigia flashbacks just like parker's. At the same time though; after the reveal that he was working for tricell just like jessica; ı started to care for him less since tricell got their closure in re5 and ı guess this would conclude both of them.

Jessica is irritating but at the same time it's hilarious how much she tries to impress chris but he doesnt care much for her at all. The revelation that she was a tricell spy all along makes me care about her even less for the previously stated reasons.

Jill is boring for the most part and ı dont like that patricia ja lee doesnt voice her in this game. Michelle ruff is still alright but ı would preferred former to return to voice jill in this since this is a prequel to re5.

Lansdale is even more boring and despite the neat background lore of the game; ı still cant care much for him at all. Him getting arrested is a really anti-climactic ending tbh.

Rachel is the worst character in the game and she's extremely irritating. The trailer dedicated to her is silly and her design looks even more silly. She appears as a mutant too for some reason and ı dont like the more possible encounters with her at all after the 1st fight.
I love the Revelations titles, they really feel like they enrich the storyline of the franchise. Something about the campaign of the game was really fun to me, I played it countless times. It's super fun to play on the highest difficulty, infernal. I loved the characters too personally, especially Keith and Rachel.
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