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Gosh, it's so nostalgic! I feel like I'm back in my great-grandmother's Western Ukrainian village. There's so much that's familiar about these interiors. 😭

I remember those beautiful and warm summer days when I stayed with her and ate apples and cherries when they grew on the plot. I was 12 years old and then I met my first love.

I liked to walk around the village and visit the Komar Estate, which towered over the village and contrasted with it. This palace is an old historical building, but after reconstruction it serves as an orphanage, if I am not mistaken.


Once, together with my grandparents, we even reached the border with Romania, where I first saw the Carpathian Mountains. At the same time, I met the Romani, who are a nomadic people. Well, it wasn't the best experience, to be honest. Some little girl tried to steal chips from the store. 😅

By the way, the Duke uses their "kibitka", so maybe the developers left an allusion to the Romani. According to Bram Stoker's novel, the Romani even helped Count Dracula.

Yeah, so many memories… I am deeply glad that the developers have moved away from cheesy names like Sergei Vladimir and silly cliches about Russians and Eastern European countries in general. Someone says that these things are a unique approach, as opposed to authentic realism, but I disagree, because for me this is a lazy use of cliches with Japanese sauce, since the developers do not know anything about the culture to which they refer.
I saw a glimpse of this beast thing in a new video. Looks kind of ferocious. Although in the trailers, they keep showing Ethan holding a handgun. It's the default gun, I know. But I would seriously be arming myself with something that's going to be more impactful. Oh, and you can use your scope on the rifle to zoom in from a distance. Like a set of binoculars. 😉
The game looks gorgeous as hell!

The Italian woman with her doll is definitely my favorite! I can't wait to find out why the doll is so alive.

And yeah, it reminded me of a certain game:

Since every aristocrat has their own exclusive enemies, we can expect the appearance of killer dolls.
I love the doll. It definitely has a lot of charm to it and I can't wait to see the explanation for how it's manipulated. Moreau unfortunately seems to be the least interesting out of the four to me but that could change if what Dusk says about his area is true.
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