Resident Evil: Untitled CGI 4 Movie announced?

When you expected Announcement
Release Window you expected

Story Summary:

Genre: Action (Resident Evil: Vendetta and Resident Evil: Damnation) or Horror (Resident Evil: Degeneration)
For me
When you expected Announcement (TGS 2020 or TGS 2021)
Release Window you expected (2021 or 2022)
Cast (Jill Valentine, Doctor Rebecca Chambers, Barry Burton, Chris Redfield)

Story Summary: During BSSA Missions (Before Jill saved Chris from Albert Wesker), Jill Valentine, Doctor Rebecca Chambers, Barry Burton, Chris Redfield are looking into G Virus Case then later become Full G Virus Outbreak of City.

Genre: Horror
Yes. I'd love to see Jill again, or perhaps Barry. Where the hell is Jill these days, anyway? We really need her back, so badly. She has been gone for way too long, excluding the remake we got this year. :)
I think Leon will be in it, because he's been in all the CGI movies so far. Also, I'm at the point in my life with video games that if Resident Evil would be just CGI movies for now on, I'll be happy. Otherwise, YouTube walkthroughs with commentaries it is for these modern games.
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