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General Resident Evil IX [OT]

This will be the primary thread for RE9 chatter, rumours, news, and so on.

The unnamed game was briefly mentioned during the Capcom Next showcase by the director of RE7. While no further details were shared, I look forward to a potential reveal during Gamescom in August.

Here is the quote from Koshi Nakanishi the director of Resident Evil 7:
"We are making a new Resident Evil. It was really difficult to figure out what to do after 7. But I found it, and to be honest it feels substantial."

It's interesting that he says it was difficult to figure out what to do after 7 and not after 8. We know he wasn't involved in 8 so it seems he has probably been working on 9 since 7 finished development.
This fits in with what Dusk Golem said a while ago:
"Just to explain something, RE9 started early dev in early 2018 as a possible RE8. Village became a spin-off title, then ultimately became RE8. This game became RE9 ultimately, & yes, RE8 & RE9 were in dev at the same time."

It does make some sort of sense that RE8 was being developed as a spin-off at one stage but then became RE8 because the game Koshi Nakanishi was making was not going to be finished in time. Nakanishi-san himself says it is going to be "substantial", how huge is this game going to be?
I liked the open world style of Bend Studio's Days Gone and I appreciated that game's bigger than normal length, so I look forward to a less linear map. Although RE8 was a good attempt in the village.
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