Resident Evil Heroes


A topic for discussing all of the heroic characters of Resident Evil/Biohazard. What are your favorites? Your least favorites? Which do you want to see in the future and what kinds of new ones do you want to see in the next games? Comment below.

As with the villains thread, the topic is on individuals, so keep discussion of groups and organisations to a minimum.
My top 3 is:

1. Chris ( Excluding re7 )
2. Claire
3. Sherry

Some honorable mentions:

Leon, ada, piers, jake, barry, moira, jill, merah, helena, sheva, josh, natalia, evgeny, luis, rebecca, steve and billy.

Dishonorable mentions:

Characters in reorc, characters in re7, ( Excluding joe. ) rachel, ark, re7 chris and ashley.

Worst: Ethan from re7.
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As for who ı want to come back in the future, ı would like to see chris, claire, sherry and jake again in rerev3. Jill should appear in a future installment too.
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Outbreak cast because they’re all so relatable. There hasn’t been an important character like this since Ethan and he had no face. ?

Nero Sparda

1. Leon S. Kennedy
2. Ada Wong
3. Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin
4. Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield
5. Chris Redfield
A small nitpick but just noticed this.

Why does sherry have " new " on top of her name?

Shouldnt that go to jake instead? Since he's the only new character in that image who made one appearance.

The others made multiple appearances.
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