Resident Evil Dead Aim

George Trevor

The 5th Survivor
I had to do it! I feel it's not so much people underate this game, more than many have passed on it, maybe presuming it not to hold any meritable value to the series narrative, or think back to the first Survivor game (which has imo the best RE narrative in the series, but that's another thread). But for me, what makes Dead Aim almost survival horror perfection, is the heavy atmosphere induced by being alone on an abandoned ship in the middle of the ocean, with very little sound other than the creaking corridors and faint distant moans of the wandering undead - I've often said it makes me feel like I'm on a floating Overlook Hotel (The Shining)

Take the dumster fire confusion of Resident Evil 4 and look back to how Dead Aim actually progressed the series in a considerably more successful way, only to be forgotten about, presumably caused by average reviews by lazy gamers and 'main title' obbssesives. The switch from real 3rd person (not this over-the-shoulder compromise which = first person with someone's back in the way) to a first person battle mode works so well, because you benefit from the perfect perspective for exploration & tension building, and the perfect perspective for intense combat.

The characters are not these cut-out generic dull superheroes (Chris RE5), but flawed, unique creations that make the player feel vulnrable and allow for enjoyable character development & interractions, so lacking from the post Dead Aim era. It also had a meaningful place in the overall series narrative, the idea of a flaoting B.O.W. auction house makes much sense if you want to showcase your latest Hunter Elite without pesky local law-enforcment turning up - just like those pirate radio stations - The Spencer Rain makes so much sense from a commercial point of view!

Next time you're in Kijuju, running around like a headless chicken, desperate to find those canon-fodder enemies who so lovingly drop ammo in abundance, daylight everywhere, not an atmospheric creak or shadow anywhere, co-operative play removing any sense of fear or danger, as far removed as survival horror could ever be, safe in the arms of an over-sized biceped Captain America... take a trip aboard the Spencer Rain if you dare!
I think it's a decent spinoff on its own and makes improvements over the previous 2 survivor games which are poorly made. The only thing ı disliked was the frustrating final boss due to its instant kill attack, weakspots popping in and out very fast as well as the lack of checkpoints. ( If you die, you go back to the beginning of the final boss fight. )

George Trevor

The 5th Survivor
Well I liked your post until it turned into action RE hate drivel which makes no sense. Dead Aim was a really cool game and you can see certain elements which RE4 would take And vastly improve upon. Cool setting and some genuinely creepy moments. It’s not bad at all.
In my defense I managed to make it to my fourth paragraph before the unreasonable, ill-thought through RE5 bashing. I still view the whole narrative, the files, it's connection back to the early timeline as being the series highpoint. I cannot see a HD remaster as likely, but for that great mix of styles that would also appeal to the current gamer I feel it actuallly offers Capcom a better mix of ingrediants for a fresh remake than Resident Evil 3, depite RE3 being the better game for me.

Captain Redfield

The man who killed Albert Wesker
I'll simply say that RE5 is fantastic, polished gameplay, stunning visuals, tight and coherent story and even as a story itself. Even if you exclude the important links to Umbrella, Progenitor and Spencer you can still see the story just functions well itself. And both Chris and Wesker were at their best in that game.

"Next time you're in Kijuju, running around like a headless chicken, desperate to find those canon-fodder enemies who so lovingly drop ammo in abundance, daylight everywhere, not an atmospheric creak or shadow anywhere, co-operative play removing any sense of fear or danger, as far removed as survival horror could ever be, safe in the arms of an over-sized biceped Captain America... take a trip aboard the Spencer Rain if you dare!"

You can say the exact same thing about an emo Government Agent and ammo dropping villagers who say Un Forastero. :ROFLMAO:
Underrated gem. The budget isn't there, so it's lacking all the production value you came to expect of the series at the time. That's probably what hurt it most. Other than that it pushed a lot of things forward and was far more traditional than the first game. Good plot, characters, etc.
I think Dead Aim is the best out of the Survivor games. The two main characters VA's are pretty lame and they're obvious Ada & Leon expies. Morpheus is also pretty flat as a villain, though the whole obsession with beauty and his Tyrant form is different than any other in the series, so props to that. But the lore and background with Umbrella's dealings after Raccoon and the setting of a disposal site where you fight Umbrella's rejects is pretty cool and clever. It also fits very well as a transition game between the more closed settings of the classic era with Umbrella and the more expanded future games where terrorism takes a center stage and you're playing as agents instead of desperate survivors.
This game outside of the Darkside Chronicles guidebook is self referenced which sucks because fans can readily ignore it.
Even references to other games such as Morpheus being held responsible for the Mansion leak is from a file within the game.
I really love this game too.
It did the whole over the shoulder thing before RE4 even.
I love this game.
I know this is old but now that ı think about it; from all progenitor based viruses; t+g is my least favourite and ı dont like it.

Not to mention; for a really weird reason, in his 1st mutation; morpheus becomes a female tyrant. I know morpheus was obsessed with beauty but ı dont think his mutation needed organic high heels and gender turn. I dont think him getting obsessed with beauty is a good excuse for gender change. I liked the bioelectrogenesis aspect of this virus ( Which later comes back in re6 with piers' mutation though thankfully he doesnt turn gender unlike morpheus. ) but that's it. I dont think ı like any other aspect of it. The 2nd mutation makes more sense since it reminds me of birkin's final form in a way but ı've already said that ı dislike that boss fight due to being frustrating.

I know ı said that ı liked the over the top aspect of re games, especially 4 / 5 / 6 but morpheus' mutation is just plain stupid to me. It's not campy in a fun way either; it's just plain stupid and boring.

I'm surprised people complain about vendetta and a-virus WHILE ignoring t+g; ı think people should play this game tbh. I mean; a-virus contains plaga genes after all and that's one of the reasons why zombies in that movie behave differently compared to t and c-virus zombies. I know ı didnt need to say this but this just recently came into my mind.

I also found morpheus a really weak villain and his plan boring; ı remember evil resident saying that his plans could have been easily stopped even if bruce and fongling failed to stop him and ı agree with this. Some backstory aspects of him are cool like him getting framed for mansion incident but that's really it.
Imo survivor is crap and worse than dead aim ( Which is decent. ) but the umbrella backstory in sheena island is more interesting to me than the backstory in dead aim. Vincent feels like a more interesting villain to me than morpheus as well.
Imo bruce is extremely boring but ı like fong ling. I agree with herb about those 2 characters being leon / ada expies ( Though re4 leon take clues from bruce in terms of outfit. ) but still. Her silencer handgun is nice. Idk why ada doesnt have one in her separate ways mode unlike wesker in re4 mercenaries and umbrella chronicles. Thankfully she improved her loadout in re6.

It has better characters than the 1st survivor while also having a worse story at the exact same time. Again morpheus as a villain is complete garbage and really ruins the game for me in many ways.

I remember evil resident thinking that if bruce and fong ling died; then morpheus' plans might be able to easily stopped by the main heroes. I have to agree with him when it comes to this.
In some ways; dead aim is a good evolution for the series too.

It even does " re4 " in some ways better than the actual game does.

Like being able to move and shoot, being able to dodge re3 style and no qtes.

No firing upgrades; it's very stupid that re4 has firing upgrades for handgun and yet bruce doesnt need one.

It's a shame the budget for it is very short.

Another thing; ı feel like this game should have established a rivalry between bruce and leon.

And in re4; instead of krauser, bruce should have appeared instead.

I remember captain redfield talking about this in the past when he was discussing re4.

Something like " Why is re4 establishing krauser as a really important person? Maybe he appears previously somewhere else? I didnt play dead aim at that time and when ı played it; nope. Krauser just comes out of nowhere. "

Basically krauser should have been bruce.

Krauser is still a better developed character thanks to darkside chronicles but bruce feels less like a cheap character compared to krauser.
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