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RE5 Resident Evil 5 - Chris Redfield - The Kung Fu fighter

Caffeine Addict

Eh, however, this can't go on forever.

I know that you ignore me and will continue to write the same thing.

I'm leaving you from now on.

You and "Goldsickle" do this a lot, by the way. :D

It may be Capcom's rules, decisions, or whatever when it comes to their own franchise, but we have a right to state how we feel as fans if they are making outlandish, bizarre, or just dumb decisions.

Caffeine Addict

I am not knocking you or anything. I know you feel strongly about the series like many people do.

I just feel as if Capcom went overboard with some aspects to the franchise. But it's their series, so I suppose my opinion doesn't mean shit.


Just did the boss fights for wesker on ps4 for another time. They are still as satisfying as ever. Punching that colossal imbecile in the face never gets old for me.
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