RE7 vs RE Village

I will no doubt be kept in suspense for years, as to whether Ethan survived or not. It's probably the case that Capcom will now shift their attention to other characters, which is what they've more or less been doing for years anyway. 😦

Would Capcom like to stop discontinuing certain storylines and keep me posted, PLEASE!? 😃
I personally like Village over 7 mostly because the plot was more consistent and was there. 7 pretty much saved the actual plot for the second half of the game, while in 8 you had an actual goal other than survive. The inventory system in Village is great, I love the treasure system, and the weapons are all much more interesting than 7's. Of course, it was taking cues from 4 but I found it better than 7 thanks to those cues. Both games did Chris dirty, but at least they brought back a more proper model in Village. 7 Chris was just weird. The bosses are more diverse in design, and there are more enemy types as well. The story near the end hit pretty close to home, and I was almost in tears, but thats a bit of a personal case for me. Ethan is more fleshed out here, and I got a better idea of the villain's goals than in 7. For me, 8 > 7.
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