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RE6 RE6 campaigns most to least favourite?


How would you rank all campaigns from most to least favourite?

My ranking:

Chris and piers > Jake and sherry = Leon and helena > Ada

I like all 4 of them btw.
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I never really played Ada's campaign far into it, but Leon has the best story, followeed by Chris and then Jake. But "Agent" sucks as a sidekick. ?
When I originally played RE6 I was disappointed that they had made another full action game and only played the Leon campaign because it vaguely reminded me of the series.

However after enjoying RE2 Remake so much, I decided to revisit RE6 and play the other 3 campaigns. To my surprise this was my final verdict:
1. Chris
2. Ada
3. Jake
4. Leon

I have to say I developed a new appreciation for RE6 and thoroughly enjoyed the revisit.
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For its narrative:

Chris > Leon > Ada > Sherry

For it's gameplay I'mma break it down like this:

Leon: Chapters 1 & 2
Sherry: Chapter 3
Chris: Chapters 4 & 5

Chris and Piers had a great story where I think the ending should have been swapped for characters. The whole story was set up that way and it feinted because Chris Redfield, duh. This story has the worst gameplay segment in the car chase though.

Sherry had regenerative powers but it's a side note. That was the most interesting thing to me. ...and the way she ninja stealthed her way over the bed in captivity was most badass.

Leon's story failed to remain horror when it really should have. It absolutely just gets worse the more you play through it culminating in some of the most ridiculous boss battles in the series.

Ada was cute.
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Chris’ campaign definitely had the most focus and knew exactly what it wanted to be; an action game with mutant super soldiers. The others had experimental sections, where I was left rolling my eyes. The “horror” in Leon’s is bafflingly bad and does next to nothing to create tension. Ustanak was a bunch of staged encounters where you shoot explosive barrels, and Ada has one of the most dull and mind numbing puzzle sections in the game, and simply piggy backs off the other campaigns.

I’m not the biggest fan of RE6, but it’s character interactions and drama are some of the best in the series.
When I first played the game back in 2012, I hated Jake's campaign and loved Ada's. However, after replaying it through the years, I would put the campaigns in the following order:

1 - Chris - It has the best plot and characters. I would say Chris had the most development in the series here, and it was a breath of fresh air having him be at such a low point. Aside from that, I think this campaign has the most interesting scenarios aside from Tall Oaks, and the soundtrack is at it's best here.
2 - Leon - The first chapter is the best of the entire game, but the campaign after chapter 3 is awfull. Leon is nearly irrelevant to the plot here, and the true main character is Helena.
3 - Ada - The shortest, but it still had interesting situations with stealth.
4 - Jake - Easily the worst campaign. Jake is the worst character in the series, thankfully he never appeared again.


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This is an action game trying to leach off CoD so the action spectacles and combat are where it shines (or attempts to). The more horror driven segments try to rely on surprise scares and building up tension.... by slowing the game down and taking away your ability to run or shoot at times. Ada's scenario was originally an unlockable segment and it shows since the game feels more like a Separate Ways segment than a full fledged campaign.

Nero Sparda

1. Leon

I think this campaign balances action and horror well similar to RE4, loved the atmosphere of this campaign's locations. Enjoyed the boss fights with Simmons too; punching the hell out of him was very satisfying and his death scene where his blood creates the Umbrella logo was awesome. Plus Leon is my favourite character in the franchise and it was nice to see him here after RE4 along with his new cool partner Helena so this is one of the reasons why this campaign is my most favourite. The weird plane QTE in chapter 4 can go fuck itself though.

2. Jake

It felt like RE5 but with cool RE3 twists due to getting chased by Ustanak which feels satisfying ( And is a love letter to Nemesis. ) when you kill him once and for all in chapter 5. Loved how they brought back Sherry as a grown up badass and Jake is the best new character in the game; really loved the chemistry between the 2 and how Jake gets character development, it's so heartwarming. Not to mention the amount of melee attacks Jake has is huge and feels awesome to use, especially against Ustanak. Hope you bring them back Capcom.


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3. Ada

This campaign is basically Separate Ways mode from RE4 but better in every single way, really liked the improvements they made. Puzzles were pretty good and the plot twists were interesting. I absolutely loved the part where Ada helps Jake and Sherry and later on saves Sherry from Ubistvo. Ending was handled pretty well too. Stealth sections were kinda weird though; for some reason your footsteps doesn't matter that much and you can stay in front of J'avo for a decent time and they won't notice you. It's kinda inconsistent; sometimes J'avo notice you way earlier and sometimes way too late.

4. Chris

This campaign has the best story ( Though it has more wasted plotential compared to other campaigns' stories like no mention of Jill. Really wished she and Claire appeared in the game. Also Piers should have mentioned Jill at some point. RIP Piers; really wished he didn't die, his death was very tragic. ) and Chris gets a lot of character development but gameplaywise; it feels more frustrating. ( Though still less than the entire RE5 IMO and has improvements from that game like not requiring to babysit Piers like you do to Sheva. ) I was running out of ammo more easily in this campaign compared to others for some reason. Regardless; I got better at the game during replays and I enjoyed this campaign more during the replays of the game. Another thing this campaign handles better compared to others are vehicle sections. I absolutely love the VTOL section; it's my favourite vehicle section in the game. It's a great fanservice to Chris' backstory and to one of the cutscenes in RECV.

Before ending this; I just want to say that before playing this game for the 1st time, I was expecting this game to be extremely awful similar to DMC2 and DmC. ( Plus I entered the DMC franchise before Resident Evil, with my 1st DMC game being DMC4. ) After all; I remember getting disappointed with RE5 ( My enjoyment increased after replays. ) and getting confused with RE7 despite enjoying it which unlike RE5, ultimately decreased a lot after replaying the game during my RE marathons. After starting the game; ( Which was after finishing RE3 and some time passed after that before I started playing. ) I found myself really enjoying the game. Eventually I finished the game and despite some issues which are mostly in Chris' campaign, I liked the game a lot. Honestly I have to thank TGBS channel for that. Before playing RE6, I watched his " Why RE6 is awesome? " video and that got me interested to play more RE games.

Anyways, this is the end of my essay and thank you for reading.

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Chris - Jake (I like both the same amount) >>>>Ada>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Leon

But Chris's is overall the best because it's consistent with the environments and level design, more or less. The rest change too much. I can't stand Leon's because it starts as a budget Raccoon City, HEAVILY scripted, and then it turns into Uncharted. The last two chapters are decent but the T Rex and Giant Fly ruin it big time. They tried way too hard to glorify Leon in this game.

Chris has the best Boss fights, Jake has the best story. I don't have much to say about Ada's other than it feels unpolished and rushed.

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[chris voice] GOOD STUFF
Leon > Jake > Ada > Chris for me. I would have liked Chris's campaign more if it had more moments of downtime. It doesn't ever really stop to let you breathe unlike the other campaigns so it's a slog for me to play.
Chris' is the best one imo. It has the best story, chris and piers have great character development and gameplay is most fun in that campaign. I think it's the longest campaign in the game as well, it's slightly longer than leon's which is longer than jake's and ada's. Not to mention there are 2 prequel material to re6 and they star chris and piers.

I like jake's and leon's campaigns equally. I used to prefer jake's over leon's but after replaying the game even more; ı think ı like both campaigns equally. Jake and sherry have great cqc mechanics, their chemistry / partnership between them is more interesting than leon and helena's ( which is also good. Plus ı prefer helena over sheva. I like how leon isnt the only focus in the game storywise and helena gets a lot of her moments as well. ) and they have a more interesting story than leon's. However leon's campaign is longer than jake's, fighting zombies is nice and ı really like the simmons boss fights, ı think leon has the best boss fights in the game. Plus the atmosphere in the 1st parts of leon's campaign is pretty cool. I like traversing through tall oaks. Fighting simmons is pretty fun and ı really like punching him in the face. One of the most satisfying qtes in the game. His death scene feels satisfying and ı like how his blood creates the umbrella logo.

Ada's campaign isnt as good as the others but it's still a great campaign. It feels improved from her re4 separate ways mode in many ways.

So campaign ranking:

Chris > Leon = Jake > Ada

In terms of story ranking:

Chris > Jake > Ada > Leon
I just want to say that as much as ı love chris' campaign; imo haos boss battles arent as good as simmons' or ustanak's. I like the monster a lot plus the info with files is nice but the other boss fights are more fun to fight imo. Mainly cause they are introduced earlier. Plus the longer duration with them compared to haos that doesnt have as long battles as simmons and ustanak.

Another critique ı want to make is ı wish there were more boss battles with carla in ada's campaign. I found her a tragic villain and felt sympathy for her just like how ada does in chapter 4. Her boss fight isnt that long and is only used for the chapter's last part. Wished there were more boss fights with her. I like to defeat her spores; they are fun to fight. I remember running away from them during my 1st experiences with the game ( Re6 was the 1st re game that ı played. ) cause ı found them creepy though after multiple replays; ı've decided to defeat them cause ı wanted to. ( Re6 despite being the most action packed entry in the series, still has horror moments here and there so it's not a complete " mindless " experience like some might say. )

I also like this cutscene:

Oh and lastly ı dont like how re7 completely rips off some aspects from this game. Like molded are ripoffs of regenerator / bloodshot, fat molded are ripoffs of whopper / lepotica and eveline as well as her boss fight is a ripoff of carla / her enhanced c-virus form. Even fungus ( which is bacterium. ) is a ripoff mainly cause one of the files in re6 mentions bacteria. I think after re6 and rerev2; capcom forgot how to design monsters and is obsessed with realism and cutting things with garbage excuses instead.
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