Re2 Remake vs Re3 Remake

Zombies in the classic games of the series are not the real living dead, because the t-Virus is not able to resurrect the dead. These enemies are so called because they just look like George Romero's undead, but they are not undead. They're not real zombies. It's the same with Lycans, who look like werewolves but aren't really werewolves.
This. Do people seriously think we have real werewolves and vampires running around in village? Come on, it's obviously just meant to be heavily inspired by these things. The explanation at the end of the day is going to be a virus of some sort. This is Resident Evil. And the series has always been inventing new creatures from different virus strains, this is nothing new.

I’m sure certain strains of T-Virus can resurrect the dead as seen in the graveyards of RE3 and CVX, with T-Alfred being the one that leaked on Rockford Island, correct me if I am wrong.
If I'm remembering correctly, I believe the explanation for the graveyard zombies in those games were that they were people recently buried who were in that "comatose" state of becoming a full on zombie and mistaken for being dead. Thus they were buried still technically "alive" but infected by the T-virus.
I’m sure certain strains of T-Virus can resurrect the dead as seen in the graveyards of RE3 and CVX, with T-Alfred being the one that leaked on Rockford Island, correct me if I am wrong.

Each game has a loophole on this topic, as the authors clearly want to use the iconic trope of the zombie genre, but do not want to contradict the established biology.

Brad didn't die from the Pursuer's tentacle, because a powerful strain of the t-Virus managed to save Brad's body, despite the brain damage.

The people who were buried in the cemetery suffered from asphyxia due to the t-Virus, fell into a state of presumed death, and were buried in the ground.

People on Rockfort Island were buried alive and were infected with the t-Virus through rainwater.

The Zombies from the remake of the first game had a period of re-activation of the t-Virus (V-ACT), which saved their lives by causing a dramatic mutation.
Well ı still think og re2 and re3 are better than reimaginings but the newest versions of re2 and re3 arent bad on their own. I dont take them as replacements in the same way ı take remake as replacement for og re1. I take them as alternative take on og games rather than being fully faithful games.

I agree that nemesis is a letdown for the most part in the reimagining. Though ı have a feeling that it doesnt go down in one grenade in harder difficulties. Still doesnt change my feeling that its drops in the reimagining are lame.

Imo storywise re3 2020 is better than re2 2019 and gameplaywise re2 2019 is better than re3 2020.
2make is better, but I hate it more than 3make because I expected 2make to be great. With 3make I knew what I was going to be getting, and I didn't get my hopes up. But in terms of gameplay 2make is better with more content, decent gameplay, better bosses, and the higher difficulties are fair. In 3make the difficulties is completely unfair, especially at the end. Regardless both suck as remakes compared to the beauty of REmake.
On a side note; Dead Space Remake is looking promising and will not be cutting any content unlike what Capcom has done here. Beautiful yet flawed modern takes on Raccoon City, where the events will never be ironed out properly. Not even the creators know or really care what’s canon and what’s not so why should we at this point?

Even dedicated lore enthusiasts like TheBatMan have thrown in the towel in understanding this mess and he’s been writing a detailed timeline for over 10 years.
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I don't get some fans. Especially these YouTubers.

In old videos, they say RE7 sucks. It's not a real RE game. I hear statements like that quite a lot, to be honest. Yet the same people go on to say RE8 is amazing. The game is not even as good as RE7.

But anyway, the same thing occurs with RE2. Despite having cut content and a different story, they praise RE2. Yet they generally say RE3 sucks, but call the RE2 remake a masterpiece. Now I would not say the RE2 remake is absolutely awful, but there are enough faults present, so it hardly qualifies as excellence. It does not even have the same creepiness factor. It's entirely different. But RE2 is so beloved, they let this slide. :p
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