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Oh, Michael! :oops:

We tried telling you, that the cracks were indeed, starting to show. 🐻 🐺

I will play RE8 on Friday, but I will not think of it as a widescale RE sequel, really, but more so as a general horror game (since it's not a RE game like the classic era). 😫



Pretty positive, though a big mix between stellar and average it seems.

Bigger players like IGN giving it an 8, GameSpot a 9 and GameInformer a 93.
Sounds great. General consensus seems to be that the first 2/3rds are fantastic and then the last part it kind of drops off, which is how I felt about RE7 so pretty much expected. Looking forward to it. Gamestop just needs to hurry and ship my CE preorder already. I paid for day 1 shipping and it's been processing since early Monday morning.
I dont get it. How is the last part weak? Is it cause of more action / less horror segments? Or is it cause of chris' segment which is a very short section apparently? ( A minor question but does anyone know if chris can perform melee attacks on monsters like in his previous appearances? )

But anyway; ı only watched sphere hunter's spoiler free review and she says that the factory part is weak or something due to a lot of action / over the top segments.

If ı had to voice some complaints from what ı saw; you cant craft / obtain enhanced handgun ammo in the game like you can in re7. Apparently you can only craft handgun ammo, shotgun shells, rifle ammo as well as pipe bombs and mines. A minor nitpick but ı wished we could craft all ammo types. Especially since ethan's more trained in this.
I dont get it. How is the last part weak? Is it cause of more action / less horror segments?
If you want my personal opinion, RE is at its best when you're thrown into a location and you are left to explore. Find items/weapons, solve puzzles, discover/fight/avoid enemies and backtracking to older areas with new items. Essentially all of what classic RE games and the first half of RE7 are. Once it goes from that to linear while throwing a bunch of enemies at you, it loses a bit of that excitement and interest. RE7 did this after the boat section where it was just a one shot through the mine while taking on waves of enemies. I'm assuming RE8 has a very similar last part based off impressions I've read. Not to say that these parts are still not enjoyable but they tend to just be less of what people enjoy the most about the earlier parts of the game.
My only personal "quarrel" as it were, is that it doesn't really resemble a Resident Evil game. OK, maybe it's a lot like RE4 because that too had a castle and a merchant, and a similar sub-boss where the chainsaw guy would attack you with a mob of angry villagers. Only this time, it's a giant hammer wielding werewolf thing, with smaller lycans coming at you. But in terms of putting it next to RE 1, 2, 3, etc, it's like these games are becoming so far out, that the franchise should probably be called... something... else. LOL.

I also don't understand for the life of me, why Capcom doesn't want to show off Ethan's handsome face. It's silly, considering we see ALL of the other characters. Both good and bad. Chris is just as important of a character as Ethan is, really. Yet man, we see Chris, Mia, Zoe, Joe, and all of the other playable characters from either RE7, or this one. But hey. It's not our fault that Capcom wants to keep Ethan all mysterious.

Like, imagine another game where we never once see the main character's face. I just don't think that's very appealing. I do think this is a good enough horror game. Although I think fans may be going through what's called a honeymoon phase, where it will be enjoyed for a while, but it may not necessarily hold up. But I still think they've shoehorned in Chris, just so it has that certain appeal of the distant past. And I also don't really understand the plot, and I'm like an hour into somebody's run on YouTube. They've taken Rosemary, but... WHY? So far, there's no explanation. We know she's a special person. It's just that scene after scene comes and goes, featuring a plethora of weird villains and you running around, slashing bags of flour, exploring shacks, and doing some minor tasks. But I mean, uh. It's a good game. I suppose that's what matters the most. But the story isn't one of the game's strong points. I honestly just don't find it especially engaging.
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