RE Showcase | April 2021

The stream was very enjoyable. We got a nice shot of Lady Dimitrescu's large butt at the end as well. ;)

Not that I care about that. LOL.

So, RE4 is coming to Oculus. Do you think the remake is still happening, then?

I think this game looks way better than RE7. As I said, I don't have a clue what the story is about. The gameplay looks brilliant, though. There's even a car driving part again. :p
Looks fantastic! That was an amazing trailer. You can get a brief glimpse of the other two family heads as well as mother miranda during the part where Heisenberg says "Lycans and gentlemen".

Very excited about mercs being back! The extra modes in RE7 never quite hit that same fun factor that mercenaries/raid mode offered. I'd assume at the very minimum it won't just be ethan playable but Chris as well? I guess probably doesn't matter too much since it's in first person anyway. Speaking of Chris, it still boggles my mind that they chose to have Jeff Shine come back in this as Chris right after playing Carlos. It's jarring, I don't hear chris, I just think Carlos. At least they fixed his face.

Infinite Darkness seems interesting. So it's confirmed that president graham is still in office during this. Probably means Ashley will show up which is exciting. I also think the RE2 remake voices don't sound bad seeing them in action. I had my doubts when they announced they would be doing the voices but I can put those aside.

I'm probably in the minority of not being a huge fan of dead by daylight but I guess an RE chapter was an inevitability. I'm assuming Mr. X with Leon/Claire survivors? I might give it a shot again but I wasn't impressed the first time I tried it. RE4VR was leaked so no surprise there and I don't have an oculus so I doubt I'll play it but it looked neat for what it was.

All in all, pretty solid showcase and can't wait for May!
About mercenaries; one thing ı wish for it to have is an unlockable skill that basically freezes time, allowing you to stay in the round for unlimited time. ( But in return; it freezes your score to 0 as well. )

Gotta say; the time limit of that mode is annoying me nowadays. ( I only play re6 these days and ı use modmanager to freeze time whenever ı play mercenaries. )
Ethan was giving Chris the Predator treatment there. "Finish me. Do it now!" :D

Chris looks kind of fed up by this stage in his long career. He is a hardened veteran. 😎
Chris, with his black clothes, black gloves, silenced pistol, and his squad, reminds me a lot of Wesker and the HCF. Ethan, on the other hand, wears a green jacket, which can be interpreted as the hero's color. Interesting.
If I were to spend an hour on the demo, it would be the castle, because just like the mansion in Director's Cut and Resident Evil 4, I like the castle's atmosphere.

I am excited that my man Chris Redfield will be in Village.

As far as the Mercenaries Mode goes, I may skip it, because in Resident Evils 4, 5 and 6, I never been any good at it. I kill the enemies, but I still end up with a low score.

What sucks about Infinite Darkness is that it's coming out to Netflix instead of cable. I don't get Netflix and I'm not going to pay a month subscription just for this one title.

Speaking of Resident Evil; I recently bought some Umbrella merchandise off eBay. I bought a 24X36 Umbrella poster; 2 license plates (one for the front of my car and the other in my Man Cave), an Umbrella flag, and an iPhone XR case for my new iPhone I just got 3 days ago. I never had a modern phone, and now that I've explored my new iPhone, I kind of like it. I get to see my best friend with every call instead of when we visit every several months apart.
Chris, with his black clothes, black gloves, silenced pistol, and his squad, reminds me a lot of Wesker and the HCF. Ethan, on the other hand, wears a green jacket, which can be interpreted as the hero's color. Interesting.
Now that I've thought about these parallels more, the new game really reminds me of CODE: Veronica in a certain way. Like the conflict between the Redfields and the Ashfords, Resident Evil Village is a story about the conflict between Ethan's healthy family and Miranda's twisted family, which is associated with European aristocrats, Umbrella, Germans and vampires. Chris and his squad are the third party.
Imagine a game where characters across multiple sequels could be in the same game, but they use different camera angles for the gameplay, depending on what game they debuted in. That would be very unique.

Rebecca = fixed.

Others = third.

Rosemary = first.

I would buy that...
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