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Movies RE movie trailer. Thoughts?

I watched your video, ı think it's pretty cool. I personally dont care for this movie but ı'm glad you're excited for it. Hope you'll enjoy watching it when it is released.
kill it with fire

the casting choices are abysmal

the effects, cgi, and production value look laughable

I rather take in a Jovovich flick honestly

my only hope is that capcom can distance this abortion far enough from the videogames, so much so that it occupies the same irrelevant space as the Jovovich movies: Forgotten by real fans, and kept as its own separate entity we give little to no attention to.

I'm actually looking forward to it next month. I think this the kind of movie Resident Evil should of been 20 years ago. I agree that some actors don't look like their gaming counterparts but take the good with the bad.
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